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Posted On: 2 February 2023 01:00 pm
Updated On: 2 February 2023 01:02 pm

Picnic spots in Qatar

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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When you get the perfect weather in Qatar, one of the must-try things that you should do is have a lovely picnic with your family and friends. Grab a handful of your favourite snacks, your trusted picnic mat, and a lot of energy and visit Qatar's picnic spots!

In this article, the (ILQ) team lists some places to enjoy a perfect picnic with your loved ones.

Although having fun is a priority, it is important to follow these places' imposed rules and regulations, such as keeping the place clean!


Qatar has many beautiful parks where you can enjoy your picnic in; here are some of the few that we recommend you visit!

5/6 Park

Picnic spots in Qatar
The lovely fields of green in 5/6 park are a nice place to enjoy while munching on your picnic food!

This pet-friendly park is well-designed to keep you entertained and energized with the many facilities in the area. The park also has a vast green space to sit and enjoy your picnic!

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Al Bidda Park

Picnic spots in Qatar
Al Bidda has gazebos where you can sit to enjoy your picnic! (Image credit: Al Bidda Park)

Al Bidda Park is one of Qatar's biggest and most well-known parks. This huge park has numerous amenities, from basketball courts to playgrounds! If you're tired of bringing already-cooked food to your picnics, then you're in luck. Al Bidda Park has gazebos and barbecue pits that can be reserved before your picnic date!

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Aspire Park

Picnic spots in Qatar
Take in the view of The Torch during your picnic! (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Offering a fantastic view of The Torch, Aspire Park is one of the must-visit parks in Qatar that's also great for picnics! Breezy and peaceful, this park is nearby Villaggio Mall and has several cafes and restaurants where you can grab a meal to munch on during your picnic.

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Hotel Park

Picnic spots in Qatar
Hotel Park also offers a great view of the city!

Located in the middle of the buzzing West Bay lies a park with great greenery that is easy to enjoy with loved ones at any time of the day! The Hotel Park also has a number of picturesque views and exciting activities that people of all ages can appreciate. So apart from spending the time to chat and chomp, you can also try out some of the available amenities in the area.

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MIA Park

Picnic spots in Qatar
Soak in the glimmering water by the Corniche at the Museum of Islamic Arts park!

Enjoy your picnic paired with the cool breeze of the Corniche at MIA Park! This park often also has art installations that you can enjoy across the area. If you don't have any packed food for your picnic, don't worry! MIA Park has several food kiosks and food trucks where you can purchase some of your favourite snacks.

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Umm Al Seneem Park

Picnic spots in Qatar
Umm Al Seneem Park has many spots where you can have a picnic!

An outdoor path with air-conditioning, tasty food kiosks, fun playpens and fitness equipment - these are just some of what you can expect at Umm Al Seneem Park. If you're looking for a new park to picnic in, this might be the place for you!

One of the most recent parks opened in Qatar, Umm Al Seneem Park also holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest AC Outdoor Path! Take note, tho, that sitting inside the air-conditioned path is not allowed.

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Beaches & Inland Sea

Of course, picnics are not limited to parks! Sitting on the shore and taking in the cool ocean breeze is also a perfect picnic moment. Similar to parks, Qatar also has mesmerizing beaches where you can sit back and enjoy, but the ILQ team has listed a few must-visit spots!

Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach

Picnic spots in Qatar
Sit by the shore or by these benches!

As the name says, this ladies-only beach is a great picnic getaway spot with your gal pals! Grab your favourite snacks with your loved ones and feel the sun with your favourite ladies. You can also elevate your picnic experience by barbecuing at the designated area at the beach!

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Al Farkiah Family Beach

Picnic spots in Qatar
There are numerous picnic tables by the beach to enjoy your picnic!

This family-friendly beach fits like a glove for those with little ones. Aside from enjoying a great spread of packed meals, you can also grill on the barbecue spots in the area! Kids can also spend their energy on the fun playgrounds by the beach.

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Azerbaijani Beach

Picnic spots in Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock (For representation purposes only)

Grab your chair and pick a spot! The Azerbaijani beach is one of the beaches in Qatar that offers a cool and quiet sea breeze. Although there are no tables and chairs in the area, you can easily bring your own and set up your packed meals by the water! The beach is located north of Abal al Jasāsīyah, and southeast of Zar' al Marrūnah. It can be easily accessed by a sedan too!

Sealine Beach

Picnic spots in Qatar
Image credit: Darlene Madrid (via

One of the most popular and most visited beaches in Qatar, Sealine Beach offers its guests a ton of exciting activities. Aside from munching on your delicious packed food for your picnic, you can also try out the different cuisines at the food trucks in the area or enjoy dune bashing and other activities!

Zekreet Beach

Picnic spots in Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock (For representation purposes only)

Picture-perfect views and cultural spots await you at Zekreet Beach. Nourish your body and mind with a great picnic at this beach and find famous rock formations and public art by Richard Serra called East-West/ West-East!

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Inland Sea

Picnic spots in Qatar
Image credit: World Heritage review, UNESCO

Khor Al Adaid, also known as ‘Inland Sea’, is one of Qatar's must-visit places, offering amazing scenic views. The Inland Sea also has unique charms, including being one of the three places in the world where the sea meets the dunes! Having a picnic is both fun and enlightening in this area, but camping is also an option if you're in the mood to extend your stay.

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Bonus - The Corniche

Picnic spots in Qatar
These picnic tables were used during the World Cup!

A well-known and well-loved spot in Qatar, the Corniche has welcomed different kinds of people - including FIFA World Cup fans! Visiting the Corniche with your favourite snacks and meals is a fun idea while enjoying the glimmering view of Qatar's waters. Luckily, there are several picnic tables set up on the Corniche!

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Have you ever had a picnic in these places? Do you know any other picnic spots in Qatar? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article too - it keeps us going!