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Meet the team

Khalifa Al Haroon

CEO and Founder

Hey guys!
This is Mr.Q, your Friendly Neighborhood Qatari!

Leena Chung

General Manager

Black coffee and bubble tea addict!

Gemma Hughes

CEO's Executive Assistant

The gluten-free gatekeeper. Big fan of CrossFit, Starbucks and Haribos. Not in that order!

Binu Cherian

Content Manager

All I want is to sleep, eat and repeat. Open secret - I want to be Cookie!

Darlene Mae Madrid

Strategy Manager

No, I'm not from Spain and yes, I can still see when I'm laughing. 😂

Vrinda Abilash

Content Reviewer

Say the words - panipuri and ice cream, if you'd like to get my attention!

Tracy Quirino

Content Writer

Living by the words of Marilyn Monroe: "Who said nights were for sleep?"

Fareeha Imtiaz

Content Writer

It's a serious case of OMD - Obsessive Mint Disorder! Mint colour, mint tea, mint chocolate!

Cassandra Pallagud

Content Writer

Writer by day, gamer by night. Leveling up through life completing missions and sidequests!

JC Fernando

Senior Visual Content Creator

Designer, Photographer, Casual Gamer. Dota? Add me: 332488881

John Balolong

Visual Content Creator

Digital artist, Choir Singer, Dragonboat paddler. Motto? love always wins.

Nuha Alam

Visual Content Creator

Mysterious in a boring way until you know what's going on in my head.

Afroon Afeez

Video Content Creator

Friends season 5, episode 16, 11:25!

Roubell Cotiangco

Video Content Creator

Perspective and angles. Constantly learning in life.

Jyasmin Cornejo

Content Coordinator

You can hear my laughs from a mile away, and no I'm not kidding!

Binod Oli

HR Coordinator

All I want to do is watch Netflix and eat popcorn & play call of duty: warzone!

Leand Jude

Sales & Marketing Representative

I can show you better than I can tell you, but I live for witty banters!

Anwar Khan

Sales & Marketing Representative

I always go with the flow of how life takes me!

Afsal Belikoth

Sales & Marketing Representative

Monsoon, long drive, hill station, spicy food... These are what I love!

Nirmal Singh

Finance Manager

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20…..

Marzook Kuniyil

Junior Accountant

Beach…desert… jungle… long drive… I’m ready!

Feroz Aboobacker

Logistics Assistant


Kamal Subedi

Logistics Assistant

Eating, Dancing, Planting, Walking, That’s me!


ILQ Mascot

Don’t call me or touch me!
I will come to you when I want some love.


ILQ Mascot

Hug me, Kiss me, Love me.
Only look at me!


Hamad Al-Amari

Q-Tips co-host

The “Qatari Guy”

Kim Wyatt

Dine Out Doha co-host

I am a mother, I am a foodie and I am an eco-warrior!

Fares Dehbi

Weekend Roundup co-host

The only thing better than singing is more singing.

Ghadeer Issam

Weekend Roundup co-host

Make me laugh and most likely we will be Besties for Life!