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Meet the team

Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon

CEO and Founder

Our fearless leader is so much more than just your friendly neighbourhood Qatari! As CEO, our very own Mr. Q has been an architect of the community since founding I Love Qatar in 2008. One of Qatar’s most forward-thinking young entrepreneurs, Khalifa is the face of the ILQ brand and changing the world through community outreach is his passion.

Leena Chung

Relationship Manager

Leena is a Korean who truly loves Qatar! A super independent soul, she left her family at the age of 13 to live and study in both Canada and Switzerland. Leena is a tremendous foodie and loves coffee. She assists Mr.Q’s busy schedule and looks after administration. She also supports the entire team with a great heart and a lovely smile!

Abdullah Amir

Administrative Assistant

Abdullah is our amazing Administrative Assistant at ILQ. He helps keep our good ship running. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and loves technology, cars, and playing with both. We ask him way too many tech support questions.

Khadiza Begum

Content Writer

Khadiza is our content writer. Writing is her true passion - her way to create and explore new vistas in the business world, social sphere, technology and entertainment. She always aspires to create top quality content for every niche, writes on any subject, and has the enthusiasm, determination and above all experience to ensure that she makes a success of it. Her hobbies include painting, photography, baking and travelling this wonderful world of ours!

Nabeela Tariq

Content Writer

Mother of two boys and alumna from City, University of London, she has years of experience weaving content through the fabric of storytelling for advertising agencies, blogs and community websites. She is an avid reader and has a keen interest in photography. She has been in Qatar for nine years and has many stories to tell.

Sarah Schroeder

Content Writer

Sarah is one of our Content Producers. She first came to Qatar in 2010 from Germany and joined the ILQ team in 2014. Sarah loves to write and is passionate about art, anthropology and macarons. The human being is always central to Sarah’s stories. She aims to draw attention to intersectional figures of empowerment and help amplify their voices.

Rafael Manuel, Jr.


Rafael Manuel, Jr. is our Senior Videographer/Animator. His passion for the subject was sparked in Taiwan, creating short videos and graphics. He then started his own multimedia business in the Philippines in 2000, covering weddings, conference events and creating music videos. He moved to Qatar in 2009, working on a wide array of various projects in both social and mainstream media, work for corporate clients, and staging live shows.

Afroon Afeez


Afroon Afeez is our videographer/editor and youngest team member. He’s an aspiring filmmaker, all-time foodie, cinema lover and science freak. He engages people with his amusing storytelling skills and is always the behind-the-camera person at family gatherings.

Timothy Carr (Tim)

Q-Tips Videographer

Timothy Jason Carr is a Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Nerd, Pragmatist and Father. He is an American Florida boy living and working in Doha on Q-Tips and The Geeky Amreeki show.

JC Fernando

Graphic Designer

JC is passionate about art and this is reflected through his love for photography and graphics design. He loves to create unique and exciting materials and designs for print, web and broadcast applications. He aspires to travel the world to explore new things and polish his craft.

Binu Cherian

Social Media and Events Manager

Binu holds a double masters from India. She is extremely passionate about child rights and education. She loves to acquire new skills, gain new experiences and is constantly trying to be the best version of herself. She loves chicken wings, reading books by Adichie, watching 'Investigation Discovery and chilling with the love of her life - her cat MouMou.

Sumaica Asad


Sumaica is our accountant who is currently finishing up her ACCA. She has a strong belief in supporting and empowering women to pursue their passions. Following her thirst for knowledge, she is the co-founder of the Doha Bookworms club. Her experiences had taught her to appreciate and enjoy every little thing in life.

Zhan Temerkhanov

Head of Business Development

Zhan is our Head of Business Development. He’s been involved in many projects, business ventures, and events since 2006. Always supportive, he’s always glad to initiate new business ideas, partnerships, and collaborations. He loves art, music, and playing the guitar.

Feroz Aboobacker

Logistics Assistant

Feroz is our logistics assistant, with a bright personality and big smile he supports all ILQ members! He has many hobbies and interests like being a car enthusiast, a dog lover and building new things. Other ways he spends his free time playing sports or watching movies.


ILQ Mascot

Charlie is our fearless Mascot. He is an independent boy who likes to be alone. He loves height and his favourite food is chicken. Born in February 2016.


ILQ Mascot

Cookie is our sweet and lovely Mascot. She likes to be cuddled and carried by everyone. She loves to run and her favourite food is everything. Everything! She was born in December 2016.


Hamad Al-Amari

The "Qatari Guy", Q-Tips co-host

Hamad, aka ‘The Qatari Guy’, is our QTip co-host extraordinaire and all-round creative collaborator. He may just be the funniest guy in Qatar, and we’re proud to call him one of the ILQ family. Through his stand-up comedy he’s uniting our community, one joke at a time!

Aisha Al-Zaimi

Q-Tips co-host

Aisha is one of our QTips co-hosts and amazing all-rounder when it comes to offering our viewers insights into Qatari culture from a female perspective! An art student at VCUQatar, Aisha loves to draw, paint, sing and enjoy music – she LOVES Coldplay! She also loves cats, video games, and watermelons in completely random order!

Kim Wyatt

Food & Dining Editor, host of MBG

Kim is a Food Editor, the host of our new online food show, and the name behind Mama Baba Ganoush. With a background in media and experience from London to The Bahamas, food has always been a passion for Kim, a$ with some culinary training she’s now dishing up delicious stories on her favourite subject – and the people who create it!

Fares Dehbi

Weekend Roundup co-host

Fares Dehbi is originally hailed from Morocco. At the age of 7, he began his journey into singing and is now halfway towards breaking a Guinness World Record having memorised 45 national anthems. Always smiling, this TEDx Speaker has been an active volunteer for various social causes and charitable groups throughout his life – worthwhile activities that have allowed him to nurture and develop his acting talents!

Houyeme Kantas

Weekend Roundup co-host

Houyeme is Algerian and probably one of the most patriotic people you will ever meet! Her passion doesn’t just lay for her country but as well for History, culture and politics; which are her forever favourite subjects. Houyeme is a hyperactive, bubbly and a loving soul to be surrounded with, and her contagious laugh fills the room with positivity.

G. Valentino

Host of G Around Town

GV was born and raised in south London. The first time he came to Qatar he fell in love and decided to stay. Host of G around town with a speciality in social experiments.