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Qatar wins gold medals in GCC open water swimming championship
Another great achievement by Qatar and this time the Qatar Swimming Team have won the first place in the 17th GCC Open Water Swimming Championship. Click here to read more!
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Doha Central Market set to get a year-round, air-conditioned sale yard
The new yard is expected to be ready for operation during the next season with an area much larger than all the previously opened yards.
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Turkey arrests two suspected of spying for UAE
It is investigating whether the arrival in Turkey of one of them was related to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
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Ministry of Public Health signs Cooperation Agreements for health in the workplace programme implementation
For more on this agreement to implement a programme on health in the workplace in Qatar, read the full story.
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Are you happy with QPost's service?
Have you used QPost for international shipping? Are you happy with its delivery service? Any problems? Read the article and find out what people are saying about QPost and how we think they can improve their services!
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Qatar makes the first live 5G mobile calls in the region
Qatar has become the first country in the world to have made the first-ever phone call through 5G network.
Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
14 April 2019 09:07 am
Huawei launches the latest P30 & P30 PRO
Huawei launches its latest P30 & P30 PRO and collaborates with Fire Station Artist in Residence for a one-day shoot challenge and photography gallery
13 April 2019 02:12 pm
Vodafone Qatar launches region's first holographic call
At Vodafone Qatar’s 3rd Annual Innovation Day, the company launched the region’s first holographic call, giving audiences a taste of what the exciting technology can do in the future.
ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
11 April 2019 10:00 am
Qatar to participate in WSIS Forum 2019 in Geneva
The State of Qatar will participate in the WSIS 2019, which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday under the theme "Information and Communication Technologies for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals".
8 April 2019 10:00 am