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As Qatar’s friendliest community, ILQ strives to bridge the cultural barriers between expats and locals in Qatar through engagement across our media channels. We create content that brings the community together in celebration of our similarities and differences, with the intent to educate, inform, and entertain.

Established in 2008, ILQ is a media organization for the community, and built by the community. With a small tight-knit staff, it’s a welcoming environment where anyone can come, be included, share, and create. Our strategy is to generate relevant, entertaining, educational, and engaging content that is self-sustaining due to its relevance to the community in Qatar.

Social investment and supporting the community is the backbone of the ILQ Network, and we celebrate diversity. There are no two same nationalities among our 10 core staff members – something that we believe makes us unique – making ILQ a true reflection of Qatar’s community. In addition to ILQ’s in-house editorial and videography team, we open our doors to like-minded members of the community to contribute and share their vision as we shape the community together. ILQ regularly offers educational opportunities for students and new graduates through internship and mentorship programs and has hosted numerous students from Northwestern University in Qatar, and also from Wheaton College in the U.S.

We also employ a large database of volunteers, recruited from the community, to represent the ILQ Network at events and encourage community engagement across our social media channels. ILQ also strives to promote and support local start-ups in Qatar by raising awareness about local, community-minded businesses on our platforms.

At the heart of every successful business is its team. At ILQ, our investment in our team and our community is also an investment in our business. Going back to our mission statement, the ILQ Network’s is to make Qatar a better place by bridging cultural barriers between locals through content creation that reflects the voice of the community, and through the support of charitable and humanitarian achievements.

As our ILQ community grows, the broader community as a whole benefits from an influx of diverse content and creativity that informs, engages, entertains, and gives back. This social impact has also allowed us to grow and expand our brands under the ILQ Network. was established in 2008 as a way to promote Qatar both nationally and locally, and help bridge the gap between the local and expat communities. Since then, the website has grown rapidly into the ILQ Network, contributing to the launch of some of the nation’s most iconic online brands including Qatar News, Qatar Events, Dine Out Doha, Mama Baba Ganoush, the ILQ Test Drive, and Q-Tips.