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Posted On: 13 June 2022 10:12 am
Updated On: 13 June 2022 03:10 pm

What to check out at Al Bidda Park

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Al bidda park guide

Al Bidda Park is one of the many beautiful parks in Qatar that you must visit! It is located in the heart of Doha and covers a vast area of 1,745,000 square meters. It provides visitors with many facilities for them to enjoy.

The park has three main spaces: Al Bidda, Arumailah and Wadi Al Sail. The (ILQ) team has listed some of the things you must check out at this lovely park. Let’s go!

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Beautiful lawns

al bidda park
How beautiful is this?

The park has vast lawns where you can enjoy a picnic or just lay down. Kids can also have ample fun playing ball and running around at the park.

Must-see architecture

al bidda park
Image credit: Al Bidda Park

There are a few things at the park that visitors must definitely check out. Some of these include the beautiful bridge that connects parts of the Wadi Al Sail and Arumailah park. This is a great spot for some Instagrammable photos too.

The Arched Monument is another feature of the park which is one that exists from the previous Al Bidda Park before building the current one.

Multiple play areas

al bidda park
Image credit: Al Bidda Park

Though the entire park is a huge play area for kids, there are 8 dedicated play areas available complete with sandpits, climbing frames, swings and even zip lines.

Cycling path, walking areas

al bidda park
Walking pathways inside the park.

Beautiful cycling paths and walking paths cut through various areas in the park. These can be used for cycling, skateboarding and even rollerblading. Are you excited?

Sports Activities

al bidda park
Sports facilities at the park.

The park has many sports facilities available to keep you fit and active. They have a variety of facilities including football, tennis, volleyball, basketball and an artificial grass football pitch that you can book via their application or website. Please note that bicycles, rollerblades or skateboards are not permitted on the pitches/ courts.

Gazebos & Barbecue Pits

al bidda park
Barbecue pits at Al Bidda Park.

Gazebos and barbecue pits at the park can be used during the park opening hours with prior reservation. This can be booked via their application or website. Please be noted that barbecue grilling is not allowed elsewhere in the park.

Other things at the park

al bidda park
Image credit: Al Bidda Park

Some of the other notable things at Al Bidda Park are The Natural Rock with the Watch Tower, the Amphitheatre, The Water Plaza etc. These are also worth checking out at this spacious park.

Path Wayfinding Map

al bidda park
Image credit: Al Bidda Park Click on the map for more.

Is parking available?

Al Bidda Park has parking across the three park areas. They are located as follows:

  • Arumailah Zone – Al Corniche North & Al Corniche South (Al Corniche Street)
  • Al Bidda Zone – Al Bidda West (Al Rayyan Road) & Al Bidda South (Al Aqsa Street, Corniche)
  • Wadi Al Sail Zone – Wadi al Sail North & Wadi Al Sail South (Al Istiqlal Street)

Car Parking Charges:

  • First hour: QR 2
  • Second hour: QR 2
  • Third hour: QR 3
  • Fourth hour: QR 3
  • Five hours or more: QR 4 (for each hour)
  • Maximum day charge: QR 70


Al Bidda Park
Click on the map for the location.

Have you been to this vast and beautiful park yet? Do let us know in the comments below. Do share this article - it keeps us going!