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Posted On: 1 February 2023 03:04 pm
Updated On: 1 February 2023 03:03 pm

What to see and do at the Doha Corniche

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
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Doha corniche guide

The Doha Corniche is one of Qatar's most iconic places, offering magnificent views of the West Bay city skyline and the serene waters of the Arabian Gulf. A promenade spanning 7 kilometers, it is frequented by locals, residents, and visitors, where people come to stroll and enjoy the scenery.

The (ILQ) team has put together a quick guide for what you can see and do at the Doha Corniche for your visit. Read on and enjoy!

Where is Doha Corniche?

Doha Corniche Map
Screengrab from Google Maps

Located at the heart of Doha, the Corniche is a long boardwalk from the Museum of Islamic Art to the Sheraton Hotel in the West Bay area.

For this guide, we started at the southern part of the Corniche and will walk you through what to see and do until you reach the West Bay area on the north.

Have karak at Halul Cafe

Halul Cafe Corniche
Image credit: Hafsa Ab from Google Images

Enjoy light snacks, karak, and hubbly bubbly at this local favourite seaside cafe. It's a popular hangout spot for locals and residents known for its majlis-type seats and affordable food and brews.

Snap a cool photo at Flag Plaza

Flag Plaza Corniche
Do you see your country's flag?

The Flag Plaza, located in front of the Museum of Islamic Art, is a celebration of the diverse community of Qatar. There are a total of 119 flags of countries with diplomatic missions accredited by Qatar, the European Flag, the United Nations Flag, and the Gulf Cooperation Council Flag.

It's an awesome space for photos and learning more about different cultures.

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Pose with the Pearl Monument

The Pearl Monument
Take a photo with the iconic Pearl Monument!

At the entrance of the Dhow Harbour, south of the Doha Corniche, towards the Museum of Islamic Art sits the famous Pearl Monument. It is a popular photo spot representing the pearl diving history of Qatar.

See the boats headed to Banana Island at Al Shyoukh Terminal

Al Shyoukh Terminal
Boats to Banana Island can be found here!

The Al Shyoukh Terminal, also known as the Banana Island Port, is where visitors of Banana Island Resort go to board boats to the resort.

Visit the Dhow Harbour Masjid

Dhow Harbour Mosque

Further into the Dhow Harbour is a beautiful Masjid where visitors can pray.

Indulge in Qatari delicacies at Balhambar Restaurant

Balhambar Restaurant - Corniche
What a great new dining spot!

There's a new Balhambar Restaurant at the Dhow Harbour area featuring a beautiful structure. Enjoy its signature outdoor seating area overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Have a picnic

Doha Corniche
Imagine having a picnic with this view?!

All over the Doha Corniche, you'll find picnic tables that were once used during the World Cup. Gather your friends and family, bring snacks or home-cooked meals, have a seat, take pictures and enjoy!

Go for a jog

Doha Corniche Jogging
Image credit: Shutterstock

The Doha Corniche is a popular spot for joggers, especially during early mornings and evenings. The area spans 7 kilometers and offers fantastic views while on a run.

Rent a scooter or bicycle

Doha Corniche bike and scooter
A great activity for kids!

The whole area is bicycle and scooter friendly. If you are not able to bring your own, there are several rentable ones scattered in the area. Just scan the QR code attached to the vehicle, follow the steps and instructions indicated, and get ready to go!

Go fishing

Doha Corniche fishing
What kind of fish do you think you'll catch?

Qatar has thriving marine life, and fishing enthusiasts love to take their spots along the Doha Corniche in the early hours of the morning to fish. Why not try it for yourself?

Walk through Umbrella Park

Umbrella Park Corniche
An amazing backdrop for photos!

You'll find a beautiful dome tunnel adjacent to the Corniche Metro Station of greenery and colorful umbrellas. This path provides an excellent spot for photos and an enjoyable walk to the Doha Corniche or Al Bidda Park.

Check out the newly opened underpasses

Doha Corniche underpass
Image credit: Anas Alkandari from Google Images

There are four new underpasses that connect the Corniche to its surrounding areas, and these are the Al Dafna Tunnel, the Corniche Station Tunnel, West Bay Station Tunnel, and the Museum of Islamic Art Tunnel.

These underpasses have been installed with small gardens and feature bike lanes as well.

Check out the Calligraphy Sculpture

Doha Corniche - Calligraphy Sculpture
Beautiful, isn't it?

Artist Sabah Arbilli's 7.5-meter-high calligraphy sculpture can be found at the Doha Corniche and is based on the poem by H.H. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, particularly the line "And amongst sultans I stood out; as a lanneret floating over mountain peaks."

Visit Orry the Oryx

Doha Corniche - Orry the Oryx
Do you think Orry make a comeback for the 2030 Asian Games in Qatar?

A towering 30-foot structure of the 2006 Doha Asian Games mascot Orry the Oryx can be found at the Corniche Plaza in the central area of the Doha Corniche.

Behind Orry is a tall tower with a digital clock that used to display a countdown to the Doha Asian Games tournament. Today, it remains a historic landmark and a great spot for photos!

Enjoy delicious dishes at Al Mourjan Restaurant

Al Mourjan Restaurant
Image credit: Al Mourjan Restuarant

The award-winning Al Mourjan Restaurant is located right next to the Orry statue. The menu offers traditional Arabic delicacies that can be enjoyed in a beautifully designed indoor venue or al fresco overlooking the scenery.

Check out the Dugong Sculpture

Dugong by Jeff Koons
How amazing does this look?

Another beautiful public art installation to check out is the Dugong by Jeff Koons located on the opposite street of the Doha Corniche, near the floral arch pathway.

The towering sculpture features Koons' signature contemporary art style and shouldn't be missed!

Go on a dhow cruise

Doha Corniche Dhow cruise
Set sail and enjoy!

Going on a traditional dhow cruise is a must-try activity when in Qatar. You'll find dhows docked all over the Doha Corniche, typically QR 20 per person.

Prices can be haggled for groups depending on the number of people. The cruise is usually a 15–20-minute ride where you will get the chance to sail across the area and see Doha from another perspective.

Snap a photo with La'eeb and other World Cup installations

Doha Corniche - La'eeb
Do you miss the World Cup festivities too?

During the World Cup, the Doha Corniche was magnificently decorated for the festivities. There are still some World Cup installations scattered around the Doha Corniche, so don't miss your chance to snap a great photo with La'eeb (World Cup mascot) and the other World Cup-related installations!

Have a coffee break at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee at the Doha Corniche
A great spot to have your morning coffee!

Want to grab a coffee or a light snack? The Costa Coffee, located on the West Bay side of the Doha Corniche, is a frequent spot for visitors to purchase snacks, refreshments, and brews. The coffee shop has both indoor and outdoor seating.

Have you been to the Doha Corniche? What's your favourite thing to do there? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!