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Posted On: 28 September 2021 07:30 pm
Updated On: 14 November 2022 10:01 am

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Qatar is home to many beautiful parks that provide visitors with a pleasant setting to enjoy with their friends and family. But how many parks have you visited?

To help you, the (ILQ) team has put together a list of some truly beautiful parks (in alphabetical order) that you must surely explore. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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5/6 Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Image Credit: Ashghal Qatar

5/6 Park has some distinct features you can't find in other parks in Doha! It boasts of a large plant maze in the shape of Qatar's map and is inspired by the human fingerprint. You can also find an observatory, multiple art installations, murals, and more that you can explore! Have you been here before?

Abu Nakhla Park

parks in qatar
Just look at that flower bed!

If you’re looking for a park where you can relax and play some good sports, then you must check out Abu Nakhla Park! This clean and lovely park located in the Al Shahaniya Municipality is built to provide recreational services for everyone who wants to enjoy its amenities like gazebos, children’s playground, football, basketball, volleyball courts and more.

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Ain Khaled Family Park

parks in qatar
A lovely park for a stroll!

Ain Khaled Family Park is a great place for families who want to spend some relaxing time either by taking a walk, watching children play, reading a book, enjoying the fresh air, or simply admiring this park’s beauty. This park has a full-size playing court that is divided into half-court for basketball and another half for football.

Al Abraj Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Central green space at the park.

This small park instantly captures your attention with its curvy details. Surrounded by tall towers, Al Abraj Park is 5,800 square meters and consists of 130 different types of trees, boasts a jogging track, lush green lawns, murals, and more.

Al Bidda Park

parks in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Al Bidda Park is a pet-friendly park and hosts well-manicured gardens, lush green spaces, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts; jogging, walking, and bicycle paths; an amphitheater, etc. The park also has several playgrounds and even lots more! When are you going?

Please note that for the duration of the World Cup, the Wadi Al Sail South area of the park is closed for public use as this part of the park will be used for the FIFA Fan Festival.

Al Bayt Stadium Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Colorful boats for rent at Al Bayt Stadium Park.

With a size of more than 30 football pitches, Al Bayt Stadium Park boasts a vast green space along with children’s play areas, exercise stations, cycling tracks, boat rentals, food stations, and many more, making it an ideal place for families to enjoy time as well as a great place for people of all ages to relax or do physical activities all year round.

Al Gharrafa Park

What to check out at Qatar’s first-ever air-conditioned Al Gharrafa Park
Cool tunnel, don't you think?!

From an air-conditioned tunnel, jogging and walking tracks, children's play area, ample seating options to toilet facilities, check out all the things Al Gharaffa Park has to offer and more!

Al Khor Family Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Image Credit: MME

The Al Khor Family Park is a beautiful well-manicured park and is a great place for those who want to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 240,000 sq.m. park features a zoo, a waterfall, mosque, museum, mini-golf area, wall murals, skating area, children’s play area, basketball court, food kiosks, drinking fountain, and an amphitheater. Amazing, isn't it?

  • Know more about the park in our video here!

Al Khor Hill Park

Al Khor and Al Thakira Municipality Guide: what to see and do
This is one of Al Khor's most unique parks!

Al Khor Hill Park is a beautiful park that’s been made in a green hilly area of Al Khor. It’s dotted with little coloured house fronts that add the feeling that you’re in a little lush green village. And there’s a tower on the top of the hill that can be seen from afar. You’ll find coloured benches dotted around this gorgeous hill park and kids will enjoy being here.

Al Legtaifiya Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Entrance of Al Legtaifiya Park.

Al Legtaifiya Park is one of the community parks in Doha. The first things that attract you as you walk into this beautiful park are the vastness of it and the clean layout. Spread over 27,500 sq m, the park has the region’s first inclusive playground and a dazzling lights fountain that you can enjoy in the evening hours.

  • Know more by clicking the video here!

Al Mamoura Family Park

parks in qatar
How beautiful is this?

Al Mamoura Family Park in the Doha Municipality is one small green space that has lots of happiness to give. Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, you will notice the lampposts, gazebos, huge trees and a green carpet here. There are three exercise machines inside the park that adults can use too.

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Al Tawasul Traditional Park

Al Khor and Al Thakira Municipality Guide: what to see and do
There is something for everyone to indulge in at the Al Tawasul Traditional Park

This is one of the must-visit parks in Al Khor. No matter what time you go, you'll find families spending time in this lush green park, complete with play areas, courts, a mini reserve with birds, benches, walkways, and more. It's a great place for a picnic and some family fun.

Al Wakrah Public Garden (Al Wakrah Park)

Al Wakrah Public Garden park Qatar
Chill and admire the flowers here.

Located near Souq Al Wakrah, this park will surely brighten your day. Colorful flowers will greet you at the entrance and you'll find more of them inside. The seasonal flowers are beautifully arranged by color, which is a feast for the eyes. The public garden also offers shaded seating areas and a children's play area.

Aspire Park

parks in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

It is one of the most famous parks in Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares and its lush green ground offers refreshment to every age group. There are beautiful fountains, playgrounds for children, running tracks for joggers, and other family-friendly fun features. There is an artificial lake in the middle of the park too! Have you been here before?

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Barzan Olympic Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Lush green carpets around the park.

This is a unique park and one to visit in Qatar. Visitors can get to see sculptures of iconic places in Qatar, attractions like the leaping fountain, table tennis, floor chess, and football courts.

  • Check out our video to know more!

Crescent Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Get lost or found in the maze at Crescent Park.

Opened in March 2019, Crescent Park is an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. The park's design is inspired by the desert and its sand dunes and is in the midst of Lusail City's urban development. You can also spot many public art installations here.

  • Click the video to see why you have to visit this park with your whole family today!

Dahl al Hamam Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Walking track to add some steps to your walking.

Another beautiful park, located within the city limits of Doha is the Dahl Al Hamam Park. It has a skating rink, an open-air theater, a maze area, multiple playgrounds, exercise areas, and more! Please note that as per the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), this park is currently closed for maintenance.

  • Know more about the park by clicking the video!

Hotel Park Doha

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Climb up The Hills for a panoramic view of the park and the city!

Hotel Park Doha not only provides visitors with some stunning views of the city’s skyline, both during the day and at night but also has some cool and unique things to do and see. From lush green lawns, fountains, food kiosks, bouncy castles, and more.

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Katara Hills

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
What a relaxing view, right?

Katara's North and South Hills, towering over the cultural village and the beach, provide not just panoramic views but also an abundance of greenery, purple running paths, and water features. Walking along the hills you'll be able to see landmarks such as Katara Mosque, Galeries Lafayette, Pigeon Towers, Children's Mall (in the shape of a gift box), Al Gannas Headquarters (in the shape of a falcon head), and more!

MIA Park

MIA Park
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Located on the grounds of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), the MIA Park is an iconic location in Doha. The Park gives visitors wonderful views of the city's skyline, along with providing them with many recreational activities to do. Here, you can also rent bikes to ride at the park.

Muaither Family Park

muaither family park qatar
How beautiful is this park?

The Muaither Family Park, located in the residential area of Al Rayyan Municipality, offers visitors some respite and relaxation. This park has features like a children's play area, a small garden area, green lawns, shaded seating, and more! Spending a cool evening at this park will surely leave you with a satisfied smile and a calm mind.

Muglina Unit Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Stone walkway around the park.

Muglina Unit Park in Doha is surely a treat for you. This park is located right across from the National Museum of Qatar (NMOQ). If you haven’t already been to this calm and quiet park yet, then you must go there today!

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New Salata Family Park

parks in qatar
Walking pathways inside the park.

There are ample parking spaces reserved for visitors just outside New Salata Family Park. Visitors can relax, take a walk, or simply enjoy the lush greenery here. The park also has walking and jogging tracks, children's play area and more.

Onaiza Park

A complete list of all the must-visit parks in Qatar
Beautiful park which is located in the heart of the city.

Onaiza Park, located in the West Bay Lagoon area, welcomes its visitors to many beautiful sights like lush, colourful gardens, vast green carpet, kids play area, and more!

  • Find out more from the video here!

Oxygen Park

parks in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Oxygen Park is set in a 130,000-square-meter beautiful location at Education City. It is a great sunrise and sunset spot too. Visitors can walk, jog and exercise here and create a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that ladies night is back until 28 December 2021 here! Ladies can stay active where they can run, jog, play a game of football or volleyball, or simply walk with friends! This is a free event but prior registration via the Education City app is required.

Click here to download: Playstore/ iOS.

Post Office Plaza

Post Office Plaza
Expansive green space at the park.

The design of the Post Office Plaza is inspired by Qatari postage stamps and pays homage to the Qatar Post building right next to it. You can also get to spot a few JEDARIART murals here. Kids are sure to have fun around the squiggly lawns and little hiking area at the park and it is also a great spot to take sunset and Doha skyline photos from.

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Umm Al Seneem Park

Umm Al Seneem park
Image credit: Ashghal

Umm Al Seneem Park, located in Al Rayyan Municipality, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest air-conditioned pedestrian & jogging path with a length of 1,143 meters (3,750 feet). The park has many green spaces, bicycle stands, cycling, pedestrian, jogging paths, exercise and kids' areas and more!

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How many parks from this list have you been to before? Do let us know in the comments below! Do share this article - it keeps us going!