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Posted On: 9 March 2021 04:00 pm
Updated On: 9 March 2021 04:13 pm

Where to find food trucks and drive-in dining in Qatar

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In Qatar, you'll find plenty of dining options, not just those surrounded by four walls. There are restaurants and coffee shops in four-wheels and some made out of recycled shipping containers! You'll also find food streets where you can drive-in and order food-on-the-go. We listed down some of the locations in Qatar where you'll find these interesting dining options.


aspire zone food trucks
Some of the food trucks at Aspire

You can find a few food trucks near Khalifa International Stadium and in Aspire Park. Near the stadium entrance, you'll find Exit55, Plus Specialty Coffee, Churros Spot, 1582, Charger Cafe, Poffertjes, and TREND. Inside Aspire Park, you can find the double-decker bus of Baker St while beside the Starbucks drive-thru you'll find food trucks such as 375 and Usha Frshka.


Box Park

box park doha qatar food trucks
Soon to open - food trucks at Box Park

The newly-opened destination at the old Doha Port will have three food trucks opening soon. Visitors to this colorful spot filled with recycled shipping containers will soon get to enjoy food from Chapati & Karak, Basta, and Simit Sarayi.

Location: Old Doha Port


Destination Box

Destination box al duhail sports club qatar
Image credit:

True to its name, this drive-thru destination in Duhail Sports Club is full of (shipping) container restaurants and coffee shops. Street art and graffiti lovers will also enjoy the colorful murals you can see around Destination Box.

Try Poco Loco for Mexican, Poffy's for doughnuts, One Way Restaurant's Pulled Beef and Long Fries, Imagination Foods, Exit55, and a lot more!

Location: Al Duhail Sports Club

Lusail Marina Food Arena

Lusail Marina Food Arena
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Facing near the marina, Lusail Marina Food Arena offers a variety of food choices for those who are driving by or walking on foot. Just be cautious of passing cars, though! There are food stalls made out of containers, restaurants, food trucks, and lots of coffee shops.

Some of the popular ones include Abocado which is an eye-catching yellow double-decker bus that serves Mexican food, Ink Cafe which is decorated in 2D, XFire for a variety of noodles, Salt for their burgers and fries, Charger for coffee, and So Souffle for their Japanese-style cheesecakes.

Location: Lusail City


sealine beach road food trucks
Some of the food trucks and food stalls you'll find along Sealine Beach Road.

Driving towards the Sealine sand dunes, you'll find plenty of food trucks along Sealine Beach Road. However, most of them are closed during weekdays with the exception of a few ones like TeaTime.

Location: Sealine Beach Road

Tasty Street

tasty street katara cultural village
Katara has a Tasty Street where you can drive-by or walkthrough

Running until the end of March, Tasty Street in Katara Cultural Village is a collection of food stalls where cars can drive by and order from any of the restaurants or coffee shops from 3 pm to 12 midnight.

Location: Shakespeare St, Katara Cultural Village

The Pearl

The Pearl Qatar food trucks container shops
Image credit: Meshari AlOud/Google Maps

There's a street in The Pearl where food trucks are lined up so that you can easily order food to go. There are coffee shops, shawarma, and places like Karak Mudeer, PLUS Specialty Coffee, Bora Bora Juice, and Pizza Rolls.

Location: Near Civil Defense The Pearl Qatar

Have you been to any of these locations? Which one is your favorite? Any other food trucks or drive-ins you've seen in Qatar? Let us know in the comments!