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Posted On: 4 September 2023 01:00 pm
Updated On: 3 October 2023 09:36 am

How to spend a two-week holiday in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Two weeks in Qatar can give you enough time to enjoy a relaxing, adventurous, and enthralling trip.

The (ILQ) team has an itinerary to help you spend two weeks in Qatar, ensuring you don't miss out on some of the best experiences!

Please note that this itinerary lists some of the many things you could do while in Qatar. You could use this guide as an outline to plan your trip according to your interests.

Day 1 - Visit a historical site and appreciate modern art

Zekreet Fort and Mosque

Find out how to spend a two-week holiday in Qatar
Image Credit: Qatar Museums

With all the excitement and enthusiasm at the start of your trip, you could travel towards the West of Qatar and take a peek into history by visiting the Zekreet Fort and Mosque. The fort that was built for Qatar's defence is believed to have taken shape between the years of 1809 and 1812.

You could also visit the adjoining mosque to appreciate the historical architecture. It's best to start this journey early as it takes approximately 1 hour of travel time from Doha.

  • Location: Zekreet Road, Zekreet
  • Timing: Saturday to Thursday - 9 am to 5 pm | Friday 12:30 pm to 5 pm
  • Prices: Free entry

Richard Serra's EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST public art installation

Find out how to spend a two-week holiday in Qatar
Part of the Richard Serra art installation

While you visit the Western region of Qatar, it's worth stopping by the EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST public art installation by Richard Serra, which displays 4 steel plates that stand over 14 meters high.

Find out more here: What to expect at Richard Serra's EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST public art installation

Day 2 - Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), MIA Park, Flag Plaza & Box Park

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) & MIA Park

How to spend two weeks in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Take your second day slow by visiting a museum within city boundaries along the much-loved Corniche, the iconically structured Museum of Islamic Art. The museum houses galleries showcasing hand-picked findings from worldwide that reflect Islamic art.

How to spend two weeks in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Once done with the museum, you can enjoy a stroll at MIA Park, which is a part of the property. Enjoy the lush greens along the waters of Doha. Within the park lies multiple eateries which offer breathtaking views of Doha's skyline.

Check out: What to check out at the newly opened Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) and more!

    • Note: Tickets to MIA must be purchased in advance
    • Prices:
      • Free - Adult resident of Qatar, Children aged 16 years old and under, Student Resident of Qatar
      • QR 50 - Adult non-resident of Qatar
      • QR 25 - Student non-resident of Qatar
    • Contact: +974 4422 4444
    • Website:

    Flag Plaza

    Your two week itinerary for Qatar
    Image Credit: Press Release

    Flag Plaza is an iconic installation that represents the flags of 119 countries with embassies in Qatar to symbolize the diverse community.

    This is a place you would want to make sure you stop by when you visit MIA, as it is within proximity and is a great spot for photos.

    Read our guide here: What to check out at Flag Plaza

    Box Park

    Your two week itinerary for Qatar
    Containers converted to retail spaces

    Just as unique as its name, this park is a unique version of a park. The space is made up of shipping containers that have been given a colourful uplift and strategically placed as retail and dining outlets.

    The park also has a green space that overlooks Doha's skyline. Box Park is located along the same street as the Museum of Islamic Art; therefore, it will be easy to catch these spots.

    • Location: Old Doha Port

    To learn more about Box Park, you can have a read: Why you need to check out Doha's Box Park

      Day 3 - Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum & camel race watching

      Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

      How to spend two weeks in Qatar
      Image Credit: Shutterstock

      Situated a little away from the city, this museum is vast and can take up your day as you admire the private collectables of Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani.

      Vintage cars, historic lifestyle artefacts, traditional clothing, furniture from around the world, and so much more are on display for museum visitors. Family activities like treasure hunts can be booked in advance. All ticket & timing details can be found on the website.

      Check out: Top 5 things you can find at the Sheikh Faisal Museum

      If you are a car enthusiast, you're in for a treat as you can see the dedicated car museum, showcasing an extensive range of vehicles over the years.

      Get a glimpse of the museum here: What's in store for you at the FBQ Car Museum in Qatar

      • Location: Dukhan Road, Al Shahaniya
      • Contact: +974 4490 2340, +974 6687 4177
      • Website:

      Camel race watching

      How to spend two weeks in Qatar
      Image Credit: Shutterstock

      After a day full of activity, you can now take the back seat and watch the traditional source of thrill, which is camel racing. Race by the camels side by side and even get up close and personal for some photographs.

      Note: Camel racing season takes place from October to April every year.

      Check out: All about camel racing at Al Shahaniya in Qatar

      • Location: Shahaniyah Camel Race track, Dukhan
      • Contact: +974 4448 6900, +974 4448 6900
      • Website:

      Day 4 - Doha Quest

      How to spend a two-week holiday in Qatar
      Image Credit: Doha Quest

      Spend a day with adrenaline and explore one of the most renowned theme and amusement parks in Qatar that promise exciting indoor activities & rides. This fully air-conditioned theme park sits across a 32,000 square-meter area featuring more than 30 attractions and rides. It is home to the "Tallest Indoor Rollercoaster" and the "Tallest Indoor Drop Tower Ride," two of the most interesting Guinness World Records achieved by Qatar.

      Check out: All you need to know about Doha Quest!

        • Note: Ticket includes a full day of access to all rides and attractions and is only valid on the selected date. Guests 12 years and below must be accompanied by a paying adult of at least 18 years old to allow access or admission.
        • Prices:
          • Free - Children aged 3 and under
          • QR 235 - Adult (aged 13 years old and above)
          • QR 160 - Junior (aged 4-12 years old)
        • Location: Doha Quest, Doha Oasis, Msheireb
        • Contact: +974 4422 4444
        • Timings: Monday to Saturday - 2 pm to 10 pm (Closed on Sundays)
        • Instagram: @dohaquest

        Day 5 - Explore Lusail

        How to spend two weeks in Qatar
        Image Credit: Shutterstock

        A city in itself, this newer side of Doha offers spectacular coastal views and incredible infrastructure. Take a walk along the Lusail Marina Promenade, admire the latest public art installations, such as the traditional Igal, grab a snack or meal from the many eateries on-site or even rent out an electric scooter and ride away.

        The mosque within this contemporary location adds a burst of tradition. While you are there, you also don't want to miss visiting the luxury Place Vendôme Mall.

        Check out: 7 things to check out at Place Vendôme Qatar

            Day 6 - Quranic Botanical Garden & Qatar National Library

            Quranic Botanical Garden

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Quranic Botanical Garden

            This botanical garden displays and conserves the various plants mentioned in the Quran that are part of Qatar's ecosystem. A visit to this botanical garden would be a great way to relax and unwind.

            Get to know more about this botanical garden here!

            • Location: Al Rayyan
            • Contact: +974 4454 8302, +974 4454 8304
            • Instagram: @quranicgarden

            Qatar National Library

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Shutterstock

            Given the proximity, the same day can include a visit to the Qatar National Library. You can spend hours admiring the unique architecture, reading the vast collection of books, and clicking endless photos.

            If you are visiting the Qatar National Library with someone who may have disabilities, the library has a range of services dedicated to making their experience smooth.

            Learn more here: Facilities at Qatar National Library for those with disabilities

            • Location: Education City, Luqta Street
            • Contact: +974 4454 0100
            • Instagram: @qatarnationallibrary

            Day 7 - Msheireb Downtown Doha tour

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Shutterstock

            Msheireb Downtown Doha is Qatar's smart city with everything from art galleries to hip food joints. Your visit to this place should include a ride on the tram, as it takes you to all the hubs there.

            Make sure to explore the Msheireb Museums and galleries that represent local and global causes. If you are one to appreciate architecture, the Msheireb Downtown Doha mosque is one to admire as well.

            Read more: Your guide to Msheireb Tram and Msheireb Downtown Doha

            • Location: Msheireb Downtown Doha
            • Contact: +974 4008 4999 (Msheireb Properties customer service) | +974 4006 5555 (Msheireb Museums)
            • Instagram: @msheirebproperties

            Day 8 - Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image credit: Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

            Looking for a day packed with fun, thrill and adrenaline for the whole family? Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park has to be on your list of places. Enjoy the numerous rides, a canyoning diving experience, go-karting, laser tag, and so much more under one roof!

            The park is situated out of Doha and is part of the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort; therefore, you could book a night there to maximize your experience.

            Check out: Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park at Salwa Beach Resort

            • Location: Salwa Road, Exit 86, Abu Samra
            • Contact: +974 4423 6416 (Desert Falls) | +974 4423 6666 (Salwa Beach Resort)
            • Instagram: @desertfallsqatar, @salwabeachresort

            Day 9 - Panda Park

            Find out how to spend a two-week holiday in Qatar
            Female panda Thuraya in her garden

            If you think you'd enjoy watching some pandas, you must pay a visit to the Panda House Park located towards the Northern side of Qatar.

            The Panda House Park features two male and female pandas in their dedicated gardens, replicating their natural habitat with a viewing area surrounding them.

            If weather permits, the exterior of the panda enclosure is surrounded by green spaces, food kiosks & picnic spots, making it a great place to grab a bite and unwind.

            Get more information here: Everything you need to know about Panda House Park

            • Location: Al Khor City, Al Khor

            Day 10 - Water sports fun

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image credit: Katara Cultural Village

            Water sports minus the travel time is what Katara Beach offers. This family-friendly beach offers everything from speed boats to paddling, kayaking, jet skiing, etc. Spend your day there and choose from the abundant restaurant options to enjoy a meal.

            Find out the restaurants located in Katara here.

            • Location: Katara Cultural Village
            • Contact: 182 (call center) | +974 5544 9862 (WhatsApp)
            • Website:

            Day 11 - Speedboat fishing or scuba diving

            Speedboat Fishing

            How to spend a two-week holiday in Qatar
            Image Credit: 365adventures

            Hop on a speed boat and enjoy a fishing experience in the Arabian Sea! Expect to get a catch of Hamour, Kingfish, Spangled Emperor, Towbar, Sea Bream, Sole, Snapper & others.

            The four-hour tour includes fishing gear, iceboxes, bait, pick-up & drop-off & more!

            • Contact: +974 3339 3323
            • Website:

            Scuba Diving

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Visit Qatar

            Alternatively, if you want to experience the marine life of Qatar, you can opt for scuba diving and be amazed by how much life the seas of Qatar behold.

            Choose your preferred package with Poseidon Dive Center or Qatar Marine.

            • Contact: +974 6608 4040 (Poseidon Dive Center) | + 974 5531 9507 (Qatar Marine)

            Day 12 - Souq Waqif

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Shutterstock

            After all that outdoor adventure of the previous day, spend your next day basking in some cultural experiences by visiting one of Qatar's gems, Souq Waqif. Find traditional food, clothes, souvenirs and much more to view, experience and purchase within this heritage marketplace. This definitely cannot be missed!

            Read our detailed guide: Where to eat at Souq Waqif

            • Location: Souq Waqif
            • Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 8 am till 12:30 pm, 3 pm till 10 pm (Timings for specific shops and restaurants may vary)

            Day 13 - Desert Safari

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Shutterstock

            Keep the traditional momentum going and take on the next day with a desert safari! Dune bashing, quad biking, assisted camel rides and a photograph with a falcon complete the Qatar visitor starter pack that are a must-do.

            Book your guided tour to ensure you're in the hands and care of professionals. The classic tour package includes a meal, a beachside visit neighbouring the Saudi border and an Arabic tent for rest time.

            • Location: Mesaieed
            • Contact (365 Adventures): +974 3339 3323
            • Website:

            Day 14 - Visit Mall of Qatar

            How to spend two weeks in Qatar
            Image Credit: Shutterstock

            Mall of Qatar can be classified as one of Qatar's largest shopping, dining and entertainment destinations. The mall houses all the brands you can think of, plus a dedicated VIP section with high-end brands.

            You can watch the daily and weekly live shows from international artists all year round staged at the centre of the mall, also known as the Oasis.

            Make this a day trip and take the metro to the mall to enjoy great city views while on the journey.

            • Location: Al Rayyan
            • Instagram: @mallofqatar

            Also, remember to be responsible, do not litter, and carry your trash back. Let's keep Qatar clean!


            Have you begun planning your trip to Qatar? Were any of these places on your list to visit already? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!