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Posted On: 6 March 2023 06:00 pm
Updated On: 6 March 2023 05:29 pm

What to expect at Richard Serra's EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST public art installation

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
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Richard serra east west public art installation

Looking for extraordinary in Qatar's beautiful desert setting?

Richard Serra's public art installation entitled EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST, located in the Brouq Nature Reserve, is a stunning sight well worth the trip.

The (ILQ) visited the site and is here to tell you everything you need to know!

Note: Please be respectful of this site. Do not litter. Do not vandalize.

What is EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST installation?

Richard Serra
The installation is massive and stunning up close!

The public art installation by American contemporary large-scale sculpture artist, Richard Serra, consists of 4 perfectly aligned steel plates. It spans over a kilometre of the Brouq Nature Reserve area.

As it is located in a desert, Richard Serra studied the land's topography and crafted each plate to vary in height to achieve perfect alignment and level with each other.

Each steel plate is over 14 meters high and was designed for the site as he conceptualized for the steel to oxidize over time and change in colour from grey to orange to brown. It is currently developing a dark amber hue.

Walk or drive around the area to witness the steel plates up close or all together. Remember that the steel plates get extremely hot under the sun, so be careful not to touch them!

White rock cliffs

Ras Brouq's White Cliffs
It looks straight out of a movie.

The installation is surrounded by stunning white rock cliffs that are a beauty on their own and provides a marvellous backdrop to the steel installations.

You can explore the cliffs, admire the natural beauty of the rock formations, and see the art installation from different angles and views!

How to get to EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST installation?

How to get to EAST-WEST/WEST-EAST art installation
It's best to travel with larger vehicles!

The installation is in the Brouq Nature Reserve in the western region of Qatar. It is approximately a 1 hour and 15-minute drive from Doha.

It is recommended to use Waze instead of Google Maps for navigation as the routes vary.

Take the Dukhan Highway and turn left at the Leawaina Interchange, then take a right onto the Dukhan Service Road. Continue on this road and exit right at Camel Underpass No. 7, which will take you through the Zekreet Beach/UNESCO Reserve Road.

Keep following this road until you reach East-West/West-East Road, and take a left there. Follow the signs showing Ras Abrouq Desert Resort. The installation will be on your left.

It is highly recommended to use an SUV or 4 x 4 vehicles with lowered tire pressure when travelling as there is quite a rough road you will need to drive on.

Nearest petrol pump & bathroom

Woqod Lebsayyer
Image credit: Mohamed Youssef on Google Images

As the drive to the installation is quite a road trip, knowing where the nearest petrol pump and washrooms are will be helpful.

The nearest gas station on the way to the installation from Doha is the WOQOD Petrol Station Lebsayyer, along Dukhan Highway in the Al Shahaniyah area. However, it is also important to note that this gas station is about 35-40 mins away from the site, so it is highly recommended to stop here for gas, to lower tire pressure, or for a quick washroom break before resuming the trip.

If you're looking for the nearest petrol pump from the site, it will be the Woqod Petrol Station – Dukhan, 25 mins away, towards Dukhan Beach.

Are you interested in seeing this installation for yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments! Do share this article – it keeps us going!