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Posted On: 29 July 2018 11:56 am
Updated On: 21 July 2022 03:33 pm

How to use MOI Qatar's Metrash2 app

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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Metrash2 app

Metrash2 by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) offers residents an easy way to access MoI services through their mobile devices.

Metrash2 Services:

You can also inquire about traffic violations, and receive accident and vehicle permit reports through the traffic inquiry services on the Metrash2 mobile app.

If MoI adds other services, they'll automatically appear on the Metrash2 services list.

How to activate the Metrash2 application for the first time?

Image source: Ministry of Interior
  • Enter QID number and click Next.
  • Enter QID expiry date and click Next.
  • You must confirm that the mobile number is registered in the applicant’s name.
  • Metrash2 will open the message application filled with activation data.
  • Send the message and wait for the activation code.
  • Back to Metrash2 application and enter the two-part activation code.
  • Enter your password and click next. Press accept (Terms and Conditions) to start using the service.
  • Now you are successfully registered in Metrash2.

How to activate Metrash2 application on a second device?

  • Metrash2 services can be activated on two devices, to activate the second device.
  • Download Metrash2 application on the second device.
  • Enter QID and password used for the previous device.
  • The system will send One Time Password (OTP) valid for 10 minutes to the device used to activate Metrash2 previously.
  • Enter OTP password and Metrash2 services will be activated on the second device.

For Metrash, click here to learn how to register an additional number to receive SMS notifications.

What if I forgot my password? How to reset password in Metrash2?

  • Click on “Forgot password” on the login screen.
  • Enter your ID expiry date and click Next.
  • You will be switched to the SMS screen to receive the new activation codes.
  • Follow the next steps to reactivate the service.

What if you have reached the maximum active user limit?

This case occurs when the services are activated on more than two devices or the application is reinstalled multiple times. To reactivate the service click on “continue” and follow the above-mentioned steps “How to activate metrash2”

How to deactivate Metrash2 services on the devices?

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Deactivate menu item and enter the password.
  • In case the service is activated on different devices, you should select whether to deactivate this device or all devices.

Activating the Metrash2 service

The Metrash2 Service requires a mobile number registered in the applicant’s name. You can activate the Metrash2 Service through SMS, or a self-service kiosk.

Requirements :

  • Valid Qatar ID Card
  • The mobile number should be registered in the applicant’s name
  • Registration will be done through 'Self Service Kiosk' machines. For a list of locations, click here.

Metrash2 using self-service

  • Log into the self-service system by using your Smart ID Card.
  • Select the `Metrash2’ option and wait until the Metrash2 service screen is displayed.
  • Enter your mobile number and click the service registration icon.
  • When the system displays a confirmation message saying the service is successfully completed, it displays the service activation key which has two parts: 1) The first part will be printed by the 'Self Service Kiosk' in the format (***-1234). 2) The second part would be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number in the format (****-5678).

(Photo credit: Ministry of Interior)


  • The two-part activation key can be used only once to activate the Metrash2 service, therefore it should be kept confidential. If not used within a week, the activation code expires. Another activation key should be obtained using the same registration procedure.
  • In order to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the self services, the subscriber is provided with one part of the activation key (1234-****) printed on the subscription receipt upon registration, and the other part (****-5678) would be sent via SMS.
  • The two-part (1234-5678) activation key will be used only once when activating the system.
  • You have to enter a PIN to be used when accessing the system. The PIN consists of 4-8 combinations of numbers and characters.
  • In case of a lost mobile, you have to block the Metrash2 service through any self-service kiosk to prevent misuse of Metrash2 facilities by others.
  • Moreover, you need to lock the service through the application on the mobile prior to changing your mobile handset.

Activate Metrash2 through SMS

  • Step 1: Enter your personal QID number, then press `Next’.
  • Step 2: Enter your personal QID expiry date, then press `Next’.
  • Step 3: You must confirm that the mobile number is registered in the applicant’s name.
  • Step 4: Send the SMS to 92992, press `Send’.
  • Step 5: You will receive an SMS that contains a two-part activation key; enter your password then press 'Next’.
  • Step 6: Enter the two parts of the activation key, then press 'Next’.
  • Step 7: Enter your password to start using the service.
  • Step 8: Press 'Accept’ to start using the services.

Download Metrash2 App

To download MOI’s services software for mobile devices, click the links below:

Opening hours:

MoI Qatar Services Centres are open from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Sunday to Thursday.


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