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Posted On: 5 October 2020 03:37 pm
Updated On: 23 July 2022 06:05 pm

Frequently asked questions on Metrash2 application

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Metrash2, the FREE mobile application from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), allows Qatari citizens and residents to access more than 215 services provided by the Ministry straight from their mobile phone anytime.

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding how to use the Metrash2 application, the services and more.

What do you need to download Metrash2?

Aside from your smartphone, you need a valid QID and a mobile number registered under your name.

What if your phone number is not under your QID?

You can connect your phone number to your name/Qatar ID by visiting the nearest Ooredoo or Vodafone branch (depending on which company is your mobile provider). You need to bring your QID.

How can I download Metrash2?/Where to download Metrash2?

Metrash2 is available for download both in Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad).

The app requires Android 4.2 and up for Android devices while iOS 9.0 or later for Apple devices.

What languages are available on Metrash2?

Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Urdu, and Malayalam.

How to change the language?

On the login page of Metrash2 app, click on the bottom right button to change to your preferred language.

Once logged in, you can also click the upper right button, select Settings (on the bottom) and click Application Language. You can then select your preferred new language from the drop-down list.

How to change the language in Metrash2. (Images: screenshots from Metrash2 app)

How to activate the Metrash2 application for the first time?

Image source: Ministry of Interior
  • Enter QID number and click Next.
  • Enter QID expiry date and click Next.
  • You must confirm that the mobile number is registered in the applicant’s name.
  • Metrash2 will open the message application filled with activation data.
  • Send the message and wait for the activation code.
  • Back to Metrash2 application and enter the two-part activation code.
  • Enter your password and click next. Press accept (Terms and Conditions) to start using the service.
  • Now you are successfully registered in Metrash2.

How to activate Metrash2 application on a second device?

  • Metrash2 services can be activated on two devices, to activate the second device.
  • Download metrash2 application on the second device.
  • Enter QID and password used for the previous device.
  • The system will send One Time Password (OTP) valid for 10 minutes to the device used to activate Metrash2 previously.
  • Enter OTP password and Metrash2 services will be activated on the second device.

For Metrash, click here to learn how to register an additional number to receive SMS notifications.

What if I forgot my password? How to reset password in Metrash2?

  • Click on “Forgot password” on the login screen.
  • Enter your ID expiry date and click Next.
  • You will be switched to the SMS screen to receive the new activation codes.
  • Follow the next steps to reactivate the service.

What if you have reached the maximum active user limit?

This case occurs when the services are activated on more than two devices or the application is reinstalled multiple times. To reactivate the service click on “continue” and follow the above-mentioned steps “How to activate metrash2”

How to deactivate Metrash2 services on the devices?

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Select Deactivate menu item and enter the password
  • In case the service is activated on different devices, you should select whether to deactivate this device or all devices.

How to change your mobile number registered on Metrash2?

Source: Ministry of Interior website

Metrash2 is activated on a mobile number connected to your QID. In some cases, you might need to change your mobile number. To do that:

  • Access
  • Click on “Inquiries” image
  • Click on "Metrash" then ”Metrash for Individuals”
  • Enter your QID and the new mobile number.
  • Enter verification code from the picture or audio.
  • Click “Change number”
  • Follow the steps to “Activate Metrash2”

How to contact MOI for support and inquiries regarding Metrash2?

How to change PIN code?

  • Click the upper right button on your Metrash2 app
  • Select Settings (on the bottom)
  • Click "Change PIN Code"
  • Enter Current Pin Code
  • Enter New PIN Code
  • Reconfirm PIN Code
  • Click Save

What are the available payment methods supported by Metrash2?

  • Credit card payment
  • Direct debit through the bank (just for companies)

How to activate direct debit “account to account” payment?

Go to Qatar National Bank (company services) and apply for Metrash2 service

What is the process of refund in case of an error in paid service?

In case of an error in paid service, a refund request will be submitted automatically to the bank. Transaction time is based on the bank process.

How to access the Wallet via Metrash2?

moi metrash2
How to access Wallet on Metrash2?

The Wallet consists of official documents, including Qatar ID card, residence permit, driving license, vehicle registration, and ownership of the fancy vehicle number.
The public can use the e-wallet while approaching MOI departments. Steps to access the wallet:

  • Login to Metrash2 app.
  • On the right top corner, click on Wallet and access it.

What are the Visa Services you can access through Metrash2?

  • Fee Payment
  • Return Visa
  • Visa Update
  • Visa Holders List
  • Renew Visa
  • Overstay Visa
  • Issue Sponsor Approval
  • Extend Visa
  • Open Close Visa
  • Employer Change
  • Family Visit
  • Issue Visa Company
  • Issue Business Visa
  • Authorized to sign the company registration license
  • New Born Visa (inside the country)
  • Addition/Revision of contract
  • Sign Contract
  • Visa Cancel
  • Visa Update
  • Authorize Visa
  • Payment of service fees
  • Book an appointment via Qatar Visa Center website
  • Transfer Visa
  • Visa Approval Request
  • Visa Renewal Approval
  • Visa Change Nationality
  • Visa Follow Up
  • Overstay Follow Up
  • Ready To Use Follow Up
  • Inside Country Follow Up

What are the Leave Notifications Services you can access through Metrash2?

  • Residents Leave Notification
  • Visa Holders Leave Notification
  • Return Permit
  • Traveler Transaction
  • Employees List for Leave Notifications

What are the Resident Permit Services you can access through Metrash2?

  • Residency Renewal
  • Residency Cancellation
  • Issue Residence Permit (RP)
  • Re-Issue RP
  • Sponsored Names Report
  • Replace Damaged/Lost ID
  • Automatic RP Renewal
  • Consume Change Sponsorship Approvals
  • Issue RP With Birth Certificate
  • Residency Fine
  • Follow Up Applications
  • Employer Change
  • Change Personal Info
  • Change Passport Details
  • Certificates

What are the Traffic Services you can access through Metrash2 app?

  • Significant plates auction
  • Significant plate no transfer
  • Renew vehicle registration
  • Vehicle ownership transfer
  • Vehicle ownership transfer (significant)
  • Cancel vehicle exit permit
  • Car exit permit
  • Truck permit
  • Glass tinting
  • Authorize vehicle ownership transfer
  • Request cancel vehicle
  • Disability parking
  • Lost/damaged vehicle plate
  • Lost/damaged vehicle license
  • Change vehicle plate
  • Vehicle enquiry
  • Release vehicle delegate
  • Vehicle insurance change
  • Replace lost/damaged license
  • Renew driving license
  • Appointment license test
  • License NOC
  • Renew learning driving permit
  • Issue driving license
  • Report lost license
  • Traffic certificate
  • Claim unknown accident
  • Accident registration
  • Claim accident
  • Vehicle repairing report
  • Violations images
  • Query/traffic violations
  • Violation report
  • Violation objection
  • Swap mortgage vehicle
  • Request mortgage vehicle
  • Transfer mortgage
  • Approve mortgage vehicle
  • Release vehicle mortgage
  • Invitations & participations

What are the Citizens Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Report lost document
  • Exit permit for Citizens
  • Cancel exit permit for Citizens
  • Instant approvals
  • Passport and ID services

What are the Residence Permit Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Applications for Renewal of Residence Permits
  • Applications for Changing Passport Details
  • Applications for Issuing Residence Permits
  • Applications for Cancellation of Residence Permits
  • Applications for Reducing Residence Violation Fines
  • Tracking applications for residence services

What are the Search and Follow Up Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Complaints of Leaving Work
  • Financial Claims - Fines
  • Financial Claims - Tickets
  • Visa Purpose Violation Complaint
  • Witness Approval

What are the Establishment Card Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Issuing Establishment Card (Main - Branch)
  • Cancellation of Establishment Card

What are the Al-Adeid Reporting Service (Communicate with Preventive Security) Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Al-Adeid Reporting Service

What are the Recruitment Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Applications for approval of domestic workers recruitment by Qataris
  • Applications for approval of domestic workers recruitment by Residents
  • Tracking Recruitment Approval Applications

What are the General Services on Metrash2 app?

  • Delegate Services
  • Report lost objects
  • Search and follow up department services
  • Metrash
  • Address query
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Coast guard services
  • Security permits
  • Important locations
  • Establishment service
  • Cheque service


Source: Metrash2 app; Ministry of Interior