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Posted On: 18 August 2022 08:30 am
Updated On: 18 August 2022 10:00 am

Meet Wael Mohamad - tech reviewer, professional PC builder and modder

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Wael mohamad tech reviewer professional pc builder modder

The gaming community in Qatar consists not only of streamers and players but also talented individuals specializing in technology and hardware. A certain set of skills, knowledge, and creativity is required for PC building and modification.

Wael Mohamad is a content creator specializing in tech reviews, PC building and modification.

Get to know more about how he started, and the ideas behind his popular Uranium PC build in our ILQ Level Up series.

ILQ: Please tell us about yourself and the content you produce.

WM: Hi, this is Wael Mohamad, tech reviewer, professional PC builder and modder. I run the only Arab channel dedicated to PC modding and redesigning computers for better gaming performance. I can say that I go deep with keyboard builds too.

Creating a YouTube channel was the first step in my journey. My greatest goal is to create a successful brand that deals with international tech companies to redesign their products and release them in the Middle Eastern market.

ILQ: What started your love for technology and PC building?

WM: My adventure in this field began 20 years ago when I began disassembling and reassembling toys and using their pieces to invent new ones. I continued this way until my teenage years, when I started repairing electronic items and home appliances for my family and friends.

Eventually, repairing and modifying computer parts became a piece of cake for me. However, coming up with new PC designs remains a big knot for me as well as for a lot of content creators.

ILQ: Can you tell us about your PC build? 

Wael Mohamad PC
Image credit: Wael Mohamad

WM: I call it Studio engine. I built it in 2020, and it was one of the most powerful PCs at that time with a Ryzen 9 5900X processor, X570 Motherboard from Asus, 32Gb ram Tforce, RTX 3070 MSI Ventus 3x OC, and a 1000W power supply.

What distinguished my PC from other builds is the water-cooling system which includes copper hard tubes, thermal take CPU water block, pump, and two radiators. Such a cooling system is one of the first in the world to have copper as one of its materials. This was kept inside the sturdy Lian Li o11 dynamic xl case.

ILQ: What would be your dream PC build?

WM: Ohhh! The answer to this question remains confusing and difficult because of the annual and monthly releases of PC components. But to ask a technician such a question is like asking a child about his favourite candy!

The options available are many, but I must choose the most distinguished and the best in my view that can handle my work and huge requirements easily. My dream build would be either R9 or I9 RTX 90’s series, a fully custom loop, and Samsung G9 Odyssey.

ILQ: What is your advice for amateurs who want to build their first PC?

Wael Mohamad PC building
Image credit: Wael Mohamad

WM: Check your needs first, then choose the product. Expensive products aren't always the best for you. High-end products are power hungry; if you don’t have enough experience controlling the temperature, it will kill your machine.

Search for the best products and parts that can handle your needs at an affordable value. There are a lot of products and companies in the market, and you must keep your eyes on them and check their benchmarks from trusted reviewers to grab the best for your budget.

ILQ: Can you tell us about your recent Uranium build?

Wael Mohamad Uranium build
Image credit: Wael Mohamad

WM: The idea of the Uranium build didn't appear suddenly; rather, it resulted from many months of thinking and planning. It is called Uranium build because of the theme inspired by the old look of an abandoned uranium factory which I've seen during my research. My idea was to build a PC with the unique idea that the green liquid, which circulates through it, is designed to look like uranium liquid.

After planning this project, I hurried to build it and made a series of 5 videos documenting the process, which I released on my YouTube channel during Ramadan.

ILQ: Are you planning on building and modding another themed PC? 

WM: Such huge projects like the Uranium build take time, planning, and effort. So, I've planned to publish these videos during Ramadan each year. But I can say that the Uranium build will not be the only one but the first step in this special series.

The most prominent ideas I am currently studying are a spaceship build, a safe, or a multi-storey car park build. Most of these ideas are considered a bit strange, but I aim to create a series of builds that are unique and the first of their kind, either locally or internationally.

Finding specific customized parts suitable for such projects are the hardest part due to the shortage in the Qatar market.

ILQ: Can you tell us about Qatar's gaming and tech community?

WM: Unfortunately, so far, the tech community hasn't shown any boom or development, and it has not reached maturity. As for gaming, it has witnessed a remarkable development after launching the Ooredoo Nations campaign, in addition to Store974's tremendous efforts to help and support the gaming community locally.

I think gaming and tech communities will soon reach their peak as long as Store974 supports all new gamers and tech reviewers in Qatar and provides them with their needs.

ILQ: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

WM: I would like to highlight an important point that captures the rising generation's interest in technology. I would like to tell them that this vast field has no limits for creativity. It also provides a space for high-income job opportunities in tech companies.

And finally, I'd like to thank several companies that have and still are supporting content makers in the Middle East like MSI, Noctua, HyperX, Corsair, Store 974, and many more for particularly supporting my channel.

Check out Wael Mohamad here:


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