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Posted On: 11 August 2020 03:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:30 am

8 cool cafés in Qatar with Instagram-worthy interiors

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There's no doubt that there's no shortage of coffee shops in Qatar. But in this digital age where social media reigns supreme, it's not enough that food tastes good when eating out. It also has to look good. After all, we eat with our eyes first. Nowadays, establishments have also focused on interior decor worthy of the 'gram to attract customers. So get ready to take a snap because we rounded up a list of coffee shops in Doha with interesting and unique interiors!

Rosemary Cafe

Cool factor: This cafe is a pink lover's dream! Countless pink flowers dangling above you and splashes of pink everywhere even in the food and drinks. Try the Rosemary Pink Latte and Fruit Tart. Whole cakes (in pink) are also available.

Sugar and Spice

Cool factor: It's a house! No, wait. It's a cafe! Created to be a home away from home serving homely deserts and tried and tested family recipes, you'll fall in love with Sugar & Spice's eclectic interiors and yummy desserts.

Ink Cafe

Cool factor: Step into a fantasy monochrome cartoon world at Ink Cafe, one of the newest coffee shops at Lusail Marina. Don't miss out on their signature Black Velvet cake.


Cool factor: Be enchanted by Mondrian Doha's Frozen Forest and enjoy artisan coffee blends and signature drinks.

Anime Cafe

Cool factor: As its name implies, this coffee shop is all about anime! Anime on the interiors, food, and even drinks! Drink Anime Latte, try the Katsu Curry with the rice shaped as Pikachu, and of course, don't forget the Anime fluffy pancakes.

The Chemist Cafe

Cool factor: Missing the Chemistry Lab? Just head on over to The Chemist Cafe. You'll see the Periodic Table of Elements, various lab instruments, drink coffee in beakers, and talk to the staff in hazmat suits.

Desert Rose Cafe

Cool factor: If you've been captivated by the National Museum of Qatar's architecture, then a visit to the Desert Rose Cafe is a must. An oasis of Desert Rose formations, the cafe is operated by Chef Nouf Al Marri, one of the best chefs in Qatar, and offers Qatari fusion cuisine.

Subzero Cafe

Image credit: Subzero/Facebook

Cool factor: An icy wonderland awaits you at Qatar's first snow cafe. Eat and drink on carved ice chairs like the cold never bothered you anyway. Lots of ice sculptures throughout the ice lounge and there's even an ice throne you can sit on and feel like the King/Queen of the snow kingdom. A great escape to the heat and humidity in Qatar right now!

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