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Watch this episode of The ILQ Test Drive and find out more about Kendo. Would you like to try your hand at it?
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In this ILQ Test Drive, two of our staff tried Stand-Up Paddling! Check out this video and see how they fared in this water activity!
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Watch the video to find out how two of the ILQ team members fared at the Esqalar Sports' rock climbing facility!
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Get to know how people from different parts of the world celebrate Mother's Day. Click here to watch the video!
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Click here to watch the brand-new episode of the ILQ Test Drive now!
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ilq test drive
ILQ Test Drive: Which of these six ice cream flavours would you DESIRE the most?
We're celebrating the 47th Founders Day the SWEET way but with a blindfold wrapped around our eyes! How's that possible? Click here!
18 December 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: We tried decorating a Dhow using random materials!
How do you guys think our own versions of Dhow would look like when we're limited to use only crazily-quirky stuff? Click here to know the answer!
4 December 2018
Regular VS dry-aged steak: Which one tastes better?
So you think all steaks taste the same? Wait till you watch this new ILQ Test Drive episode!
20 November 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: Best discount deals in Qatar—!
Click here to know how we saved 6,000 epic Riyals by using Qatar premiere discount website!
6 November 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: Arabic speakers talk in their native dialects!
Does the Arabic language differ based on the ethnicity of the person who's speaking it? There's only one way to find out! Click here!
2 October 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: We tried our luck on the fries guessing game!
Are you a big fries lover? How about we play a guessing game? Think you can handle it? Click here to test how fries-literate you are!
18 September 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: We cooked alongside a professional chef and this is what happened!
Cooking challenge accepted! Click here to know whether we survived the test or not!
4 September 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: What are these East Asian snacks made of?!
Since Eid Al Adha is one of the most widely-celebrated festivals in the Islamic calendar, we're kicking off its first day with yet another food challenge Test Drive episode! D...
21 August 2018
Vegan vs. non-vegan blind taste test!
In this week's ILQ Test Drive, we do a blind taste test where we try to identify the difference between vegan and non-vegan dishes. The result? There's only one way to find ou...
7 August 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: We played Spelling Bee with a touch!
If this episode doesn't make you LOL, then we don't know what else will!
24 July 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: Is one hour enough to fit this 1 meter-long sandwich inside our stomach?!
It's another FUN food episode for The ILQ Test Drive! And this time, it's human vs. a giant sandwich! Click here to witness the face-off of the year!
10 July 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: Expats guess the meaning of foreign words!
How many languages can you speak? Refresh your foreign language skills by watching this hilarious Test Drive episode by clicking here!
26 June 2018
The ILQ Test Drive: Let's get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup!
The ILQ team tried playing finger football! Click here to watch how well they performed!
12 June 2018
Kids share their food during Ramadan
In this week's ILQ Test Drive brings you a special Ramadan episode, where kids share homemade food with their friends. Let’s see how kids react to eating a different kind of f...
29 May 2018
Non-Muslims in Qatar try fasting for a day!
Will ILQ's non-Muslim staff survive a regular working day without water and food? Find out by clicking here!
18 May 2018
ILQ Test Drive: People in Qatar try Turkish food!
Will the ILQ team be able to reach the dessert stage when we can't even stand the appetizer?! Click here to find out!
1 May 2018
Traffic experiment: Does switching lanes actually work?
Click here to find out!
17 April 2018
Can adults guess these quirky 3-year-olds' drawings?
Click here to find out!
3 April 2018
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