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The ILQ Test Drive: We tried decorating a Dhow using random materials!
How do you guys think our own versions of Dhow would look like when we're limited to use only crazily-quirky stuff? Click here to know the answer!
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Regular VS dry-aged steak: Which one tastes better?
So you think all steaks taste the same? Wait till you watch this new ILQ Test Drive episode!
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The ILQ Test Drive: Best discount deals in Qatar—!
Click here to know how we saved 6,000 epic Riyals by using Qatar premiere discount website!
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The ILQ Test Drive: Arabic speakers talk in their native dialects!
Does the Arabic language differ based on the ethnicity of the person who's speaking it? There's only one way to find out! Click here!
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The ILQ Test Drive: We tried our luck on the fries guessing game!
Are you a big fries lover? How about we play a guessing game? Think you can handle it? Click here to test how fries-literate you are!
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Trying the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge in Qatar!
In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, we take on the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge! This Test Drive is specially sponsored by Virgin Megastore. How do you think we did without mirrors?! W...
12 September 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Don’t wake up the Bad Dog!
In this week’s episode, The ILQ Test Drive plays the Bad Dog game! Try not to wake the sleeping dog! Find out more in our video!
11 July 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] The Whole Shabang: They love eating this in PRISON!
In our newest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try prison chips! These are actually served to prisoners in the United States! The prisoners love them so much, they want to go...
4 July 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Did you know these products are #MadeInQatar ?
The ILQ Test Drive tries Qatari products! Most of the world thinks that we’re facing a food shortage due to the current diplomatic sanctions. I think our latest Test Drive pro...
20 June 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Get ready to lose your appetite! Watch, if you dare!
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try Taiwanese snacks! Get ready to watch our most daring Test Drive yet! PS: We love Taiwan!
14 June 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Flavored popcorn face-off
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try flavored popcorn! This episode is brought to you by Virgin Megastore! We also have a competition in partnership with Virgin!...
7 June 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Got camel milk?
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try camel milk, a cultural specialty in the Middle East! Have you tried camel milk before? What did you think?
30 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Are fidget spinners worth the hype?
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try out the trendy toy: the fidget spinner! Try to balance and spin it at the same time, we dare you! You can find them at Carre...
24 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Kit Kat: The Japanese Edition!
You know how the slogan goes… “have a break, have a Kit Kat!” In the latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive, we try out Japanese Kit Kat! Watch the video to find out what they’r...
16 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Expats in Qatar try Filipino snacks!
In our latest ILQ Test Drive we try out Filipino snacks! We love the Philippines! Find out whether these Filipino favorites are a yay or a nay for the ILQ team! #Masarap
9 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Gag reel - the best of bloopers!
In our thirteenth episode of the ILQ Test Drive, we bring you... a blooper reel! Watch some rare, behind the scenes footage of the team as we get real and unfiltered!
2 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] O Canada! Time for munchies from maple land!
In our twelfth episode of the ILQ Test Drive, we try out Canadian snacks! These are some of the most popular and loved snacks from the "True North, Strong and Free!" Watch now...
25 April 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Changing our tastebuds with the Miracle Berry pill!
Do you believe in miracles? In our newest ILQ Test Drive episode we try the Miracle Berry (MBerry) tablet! Watch the tablet change our tastebuds for a bunch of different food...
18 April 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Nintendo Switch Showdown!
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try out the 1-2-Switch on Nintendo’s new console - the Switch! Watch as the team unveils their competitive alter-egos when it co...
11 April 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Cheap vs. Expensive blind taste test! (Shawarma, Burgers, and Chocolate!)
Have you ever done a blind taste test before? The ILQ team does one in our newest episode of the ILQ Test Drive! We try expensive and cheap dishes, and try to figure out which...
4 April 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] - Have you ever eaten camel meat?!
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try camel products! Yes - you read it right! From camel burgers to camel chocolate (they make that?!), we had quite the experien...
28 March 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Death by Korean spicy noodles!
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive, we try Korea's infamous Samyang spicy chicken instant noodles! Watch as we bring the heat -- or more like the heat is brought to u...
21 March 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Trying snacks from IKEA!
If there's one thing we learn on this episode of The ILQ Test Drive, it's that the Swedish love their fish in tube form. A huge shoutout to IKEA Qatar for some fun snacks that...
14 March 2017
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