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Watch this episode of The ILQ Test Drive and find out more about Kendo. Would you like to try your hand at it?
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In this ILQ Test Drive, two of our staff tried Stand-Up Paddling! Check out this video and see how they fared in this water activity!
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Watch the video to find out how two of the ILQ team members fared at the Esqalar Sports' rock climbing facility!
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Get to know how people from different parts of the world celebrate Mother's Day. Click here to watch the video!
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Click here to watch the brand-new episode of the ILQ Test Drive now!
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ilq test drive
[ILQ Test Drive] Trying snacks from IKEA!
If there's one thing we learn on this episode of The ILQ Test Drive, it's that the Swedish love their fish in tube form. A huge shoutout to IKEA Qatar for some fun snacks that...
14 March 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Shocking Lie Detector Test!
How often do you lie? The ILQ team put their lies to the test with the Shocking Liar Reloaded device. Watch as we get zapped and shocked by the lie detector. Would you take th...
7 March 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Trying the BeanBoozled Jelly Bean challenge!
We try out the world’s grossest jelly beans so you don’t have to! The BeanBoozled challenge either gets you gagging on the nasty flavors or savoring the yummy ones! Are the od...
28 February 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Expats try Qatari snacks!
It's snack time - Qatari style! Check out our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive where we show you what it's like for expats to try some of Qatar's local snacks for the fir...
22 February 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Have you ever licked a bubble?
Get ready to burst YOUR bubble with our second episode of the ILQ Test Drive! Last week you saw the ILQ team try out the world's spiciest gummi bears! This week we try someth...
7 February 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] The Spiciest Gummy Bears on Earth!
Welcome to the first episode of the ILQ Test Drive, our newest show where we try the craziest products so you don't have to! In this video we feel the burn with the spiciest g...
31 January 2017
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