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Posted On: 4 December 2018 05:38 pm
Updated On: 16 February 2021 08:41 am

The ILQ Test Drive: We tried decorating a Dhow using random materials!

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The Dhow is an integral part of the Qatari culture and even before the oil era, they were mainly used for pearl diving, fishing and transporting goods. Today, to keep those traditions alive, the ancient craft still serves the people of Qatar, elegantly evoking the essence of our centuries-old maritime heritage.

To give support to our friends from Red Bull for their 'Dhow Art' competition, the ILQ team decided to why not warm things up by decorating a Dhow ourselves?! But there's a twist—as always! We'll do it from scratch by using limited and crazily-random materials!

How do you think our own versions of Dhow would look like? Well, there's only one way to find out—click the PLAY button of this episode NOW!

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Filmed and edited by: Valeria Marinova