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Posted On: 26 June 2022 04:15 pm
Updated On: 26 June 2022 04:36 pm

Ministry clarifies that rumoured car theft in Al Gharaffa area is false

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Ministry clarifies rumoured car theft al gharaffa area false qatar

The Ministry of Interior released a statement via twitter on June 26 2022 regarding a rumoured car theft that took place in Al Gharaffa area.

Their statement clarified that authorities investigated in to the rumours that were circulating via twitter that a car had been stolen in front of a house in Al Gharaffa area.

The rumours have turned out to be false and no such theft had occurred.

The ministry urged people to validate such information that gets published on social media and further stated that legal action will be taken against those who engage in spreading such incorrect information within the society.

Source: Ministry of Interior
Cover Image Credit: Nadeeb