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Posted On: 8 July 2021 08:26 pm
Updated On: 10 October 2021 04:44 pm

Travellers to Qatar must check COVID-19 vaccine they received is approved by MoPH: Dr. Al Khal

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Travellers to Qatar must check COVID-19 vaccine they received is approved by Qatar's MoPH: Dr. Al Khal

The Hayatana programme on Qatar Television conducted an interview With Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal at 7 pm today to talk about the third phase of the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Qatar. Dr. Al-Khal is the Chair of the National Health Strategic Group on COVID-19 and Head of Infectious Diseases Division at Hamad Medical Corporation. In his interview with Qatar Television, Dr. Al Khal said the following:

Travellers to Qatar must check if the COVID-19 vaccine they took is approved by Qatar's Ministry of Public Health

Those who wish to visit should visit Qatar must check the list of vaccines approved by Qatar's Ministry of Health before coming, because they will be classified as unvaccinated if the vaccination is not approved in Qatar.

Research is being conducted to see if an annual COVID-19 booster shot is needed

It is expected that there will be a booster dose against Covid 19 annually, but we are in the process of receiving research studies by international organizations to decide whether there is a need for a booster dose or not.

When the time is right, masks will not be mandatory anymore

We hope to reach the stage of dispensing with the medical mask, but we are waiting for the right time.

Over 1.5 million people have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar

The national vaccination program is progressing at a rapid pace, as the number of people who have received two doses of the vaccine has reached more than 1.5 million members of the community. By September, we will have covered the majority of the population who received two doses of the vaccine.

We are moving in the right direction

For every 100 COVID-19 tests that are performed per day, the positive rate is less than 1%, and this indicates that we are moving in the right direction.

Johnson & Johnson will not be used in Qatar

There is an intention to add the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the list of vaccines provided to citizens and residents of the State of Qatar, and recently we provided a limited amount of AstraZeneca vaccine and it was used and more will be brought.


Source and cover image credit: Qatar Television