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Posted On: 27 May 2020 11:18 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:11 am

COVID-19 recovered patients express gratitude, share their stories of survival

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In a series of social media posts, the Ministry of Public Health shared on their official accounts the testimonies from recovered patients of COVID-19. The recovered patients recounted their experiences while battling the virus and expressed their gratitude to the healthcare workers, frontliners, and the advanced health care system of Qatar.

Borja Entrala Fabregas, a Spanish 50-years old resident in Qatar shared that he was intubated and sedated for one week in the intensive care unit.

"After three days of treatment at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, my situation got worse. So the medical team decided to take me to the intensive care unit, where I was intubated and sedated for one week. In total, I spent 25 days at the hospital.

I know that I am alive thanks to the 5-star equipment and the amazing human team that treated me, to whom I will be eternally thankful. There are not enough words to describe this feeling of gratitude towards the health system of Qatar. I would like to give a big hug to all the doctors, nurses, cleaners, caterers, etc, who took care of me and saved my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Goncalo Fernandes, a 23-year old Portuguese mentioned that throughout his time in the isolation facility, he did not show any symptoms, and yet he is COVID-19 positive.

"Since the first day that I was classified as positive right until the last day, I had zero symptoms. As a matter of fact, a lifestyle of great-quality food, plenty of water and sleep made me feel even healthier than before. And yes, at the time I was COVID-positive!

The isolation facilities were great. We had plenty to eat and drink. I loved my time there. Amazing professionals, space to run, walk, catch some sun - we were in a walled compound with around 100 houses.

All around an amazing experience. I felt well-cared for."

In a video, Hassan Al Badr, a 54-year old Qatari shared his experience from feeling the symptoms to his road to recovery. He also shared his advice to the people of Qatar and why we should not take COVID-19 lightly.

Noli Madarang, a 49 years old Filipino working in Hamad General Hospital was exposed to a suspected COVID-19 patient and experienced the first symptoms a week later.

"I have worked at Hamad General Hospital for about 15 years as a respiratory therapist assigned in the Accident and Emergency area. My first encounter with a suspected Covid-19 patient was on March 17. My own symptoms started from March 25 with dry cough and then fever, so I called the infection control and they told me to go to the staff clinic for a test.

I spent 13 days at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, and then 3 days at Al Wakra Hospital for monitoring. I want to thank Dr. Mohamed Katif, MICU consultant, who was the one taking care of me.

The treatment that I experienced is really excellent. The advanced healthcare facilities, the level of services, the quick response and fast delivery of services in treating patients are extraordinary.

My advice to the public is to stay at home and always wash your hands. Don't touch your mouth, nose, and eyes, and continue social distancing. The coronavirus is serious, don't ignore it."

Source: Ministry of Public Health