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Posted On: 24 February 2021 10:47 am
Updated On: 24 February 2021 10:53 am

Qatari footballer Hassan Al-Haydos upset after Akram Afif ban, fine; silently 'protests'

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Qatari footballer Hassan Haydos upset after Akram Afif ban, fine-Alsadd-fc

Al Sadd captain Hassan al-Haydos refused to comment to AlKass Channel when asked about his team Al Sadd's match with Al Arabi in the QNB League. Although, he did not say so in as many words, it is being widely believed that Al-Haydos was protesting against fellow player Akram Afif's fine and ban for two matches for statements he made during an interview with AlKass after the Qatar Cup Semi-final match against Al Rayyan on 18 February, according to a report on the Al-Sharq website.

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When the AlKass Channel host asked Al Sadd captain why he was upset, and whether he was upset with AlKass TV, the league or the media, Al-Haydos replied with a hand gesture that meant no comments.

Al-Haydos said:

"I am here only out of respect for Al-Kass Channel, but I won't make any comments."

Al-Haydos also said:

"The audience will understand. All I want to say is congratulations to us and our fans for winning the match."

Video credit: Al-Sharq

There is much speculation on social media, that the reason Al-Haydos refused to comment and was upset was because of the disciplinary action taken against Afif by the Qatar Football Association. Afif was fined QR 30,000 and given a two-match suspension after he told AlKass after the semi-finals against Al Rayyan:

"We were playing in front of 11 and a half players" (Al-Sharq website)

Afif also indicated that the referee did not protect Al Sadd players on the pitch, in the face of the roughness of the Al Rayyan players. He pointed out that it was the roughness of the game that caused him to receive a yellow card. He further said:

“I was roughed up more than once, and then I was injured in the presence of the referee, and the same thing happened with Hassan Al Haydos.” (Al Sadd Club)

Source: Al-Sharq website
Cover image credit: Al Sadd Club website