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Posted On: 3 September 2018 04:41 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

Traffic Dept releases safety road tips for motorists, parents, and students in Qatar

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Brian Candy

The Back-To-School season has recently kicked off in Doha and while 307,000 students have already returned to their classrooms for the new Academic Year (2018-2019), it's also worth-noting the government's (especially the Traffic Department's) efforts to make sure that the traffic flow in most of Qatar roads are as smooth as possible.

In cooperation Ministry of Interior, the Traffic Department had earlier issued safety advisories for students and their parents as part of the preparations for the new academic year.

Measures taken by the Traffic Department ensured that vehicular flow remained smooth on key roads in Doha and other places come Back-To-School day, when students returned to school in large numbers following the end of the summer vacation.

Traffic in Qatar

Some of the key steps taken by Qatar's prompt Traffic Department include the following:

  • The department had put in place a plan to enhance the presence of traffic patrols across vital locations and roads in the country to ensure unhindered traffic flow, especially in areas (and at times) where high traffic density was anticipated
  • The authority has accomplished around 500km of expressways until this month, helping link students living in the suburbs of Doha and facilitating better traffic movement within the capital as well through giving motorists more options (roads) to choose from.
  • Several roundabouts that used to witness traffic congestion regularly have also been converted into intersections, helping improved vehicular flow significantly.
Traffic in Qatar
(Source: Q Motor)

Moreover, here are six road safety tips for motorists, students, and parents as announced by the Traffic Department:

1. Reduce the speed!

“You should reduce the speed in the residential neighborhoods, near the schools and small streets to avoid accidents,” the statement from the Traffic Department said. It also advised parents and motorists that getting out early helps them reach their destination on time.

2. Abide by the traffic laws!

It's a lot easier to be a traffic law-abiding citizen in Qatar now that the Traffic Department has recently adjusted the duration of green signals at some key intersections in co-operation with Ashghal to allocate more time to vehicles moving in directions that experience heavy traffic.

3. Wait only in designated places!

For parents, before boarding the school bus, please alert your children the need to wait in a safe place and at a suitable distance from the general road to avoid any unfortunate incident.

4. Board the bus only once it's completely stopped!

Board the bus only after it stopped completely. Do not crowd the bus while boarding and disembarking.

5. Be a responsible passenger!

Be calm, and do not move from one place to another during the journey. Avoid playing, unnecessary movements, putting bags in the hallway and talking to the driver, etc.

6. Be a vigilant pedestrian!

In case you need to cross the road, please make sure it is completely free of any vehicle.

Traffic in Qatar
(Source: Q Motor)

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How were the first few days of the Back-To-School season in Qatar for you so far? Did you also notice how the government has stepped up in providing Doha motorists a smoother traffic flow? Drop us a line in the comments below and also, don't forget to like and share this article—it keeps us going!


(Cover image courtesy of Brian Candy)