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Posted On: 10 February 2022 01:15 am
Updated On: 10 February 2022 09:43 am

Fake freelance visa being offered on TikTok for people who wish to come to Qatar

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A report by Al Sharq uncovers attempts to exploit individuals and their desire to come to Qatar. Some people continue the wrongdoings by creating 'new terms' for the types of visas in Qatar, which are incorrect and illegal, and only aim to profit.

According to Al Sharq, it monitored a Twitter user complaining to the Ministry of Interior about a post on TikTok announcing the availability of a “freelance work visa” for young men and women to come to Qatar.

The author of the tweet stated that "there is no such thing as a free visa by law."

On TikTok, the poster said: “A freelance work visa is available for boys and girls, for the State of Qatar, and it is available to change the visa from a family visit to a work visa: Available for Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. Serious people only can privately contact for information."

According to a government website (Hukoomi), a number of visa types are available to Qatar, and the website did not mention the type of "free work visa".

Accordingly, the types of visas are as follows: tourist visas, tourist visas (on and before arrival), tourist visas through the employer, tourist visas through Qatar Airways or hotels, and joint tourist visas - to visit Qatar and Oman.

There are also a number of types of work visas, including a business visa for a period of (72) hours, a business visa, and an investor's visa.

Other types of visas include the GCC residents visa, family visit visa, family residence visa, transit visa, newborn visa, study residence visa, property beneficiary residence visa, return visa, return visa (losing a passport), an official visa.

Source: Al Sharq
Cover image: Shutterstock