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Posted On: 7 August 2019 04:33 pm
Updated On: 9 December 2019 09:32 am

Medical tests for working in Qatar

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
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In Qatar, all newcomers wishing to work and live here are required by law to take a medical examination. The purpose of this exam is to keep the country free from infectious diseases from spreading and to protect the health of the entire population.

The Medical Commission

The Medical Commission is one of the departments of the Supreme Council of Health that conducts the medical examinations. It is the governing body of the State of Qatar for issuing the fitness certificate and health certificate in the country. The department has the capacity to examine 1800 newcomers on a daily basis. Its main function is to look for infectious diseases namely:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis
  • Tuberculosis
Lungs Xray

The Medical Commission conducts medical examinations in two locations, and they are the Medical Commission office located on Al Muntazah street off E-Ring road and, the Qatar Red Crescent. There are three other private hospitals authorized to carry out the mandatory procedure for a fee:

General medical requirements

Before newcomers can get a work Residence Permit (RP), they must first obtain a blood-type certificate which can be acquired from any clinic in Qatar. This will determine the blood type of the newcomer which is a prerequisite before undergoing the Medical Commission exam.

However, newcomers from the following countries are further required to complete a separate medical check-up at home through one of the clinics abroad before coming to Qatar. These include the following countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Sudan.

    Medical procedures

    1) Upon obtaining the blood-type certificate from a local clinic, register and book a schedule of your medical examination at the Medical Commission. You can book the appointment online as an “Individual” through your sponsor or as an “Establishment” through your company.

    * Most of the time the Public Relations Officer (PRO) or the Mandoop of your sponsor schedules the appointment after being hired by the company.

    2) Enter the online appointment booking system of the Medical Commission and register.

      * You may also book an appointment directly via the Medical Commission department office.

      3) Carefully fill up the registration form. Once registered, the details of the application will be forwarded to the Ministry of Interior.

      4) After finishing the registration, proceed to pay. The medical examination fee in Qatar is QR 100. Once paid, print the receipt.

      5) Secure the printed receipt and bring it to the Medical Commission or Qatar Red Crescent to get examined.

      * For any further clarification about registration, you can check the user manual for the detailed steps of the whole process.

      Medical Results

      This service of the Ministry of Public Health enables individuals to check the results of the medical examinations they earlier underwent at the Medical Commission. To check your medical results, click here.

      • Select the ID option and enter the required number
      • Select appointment type, then enter Test Date
      • Click on “Search”.
      • For those who had their medical examinations at accredited private hospitals and centers, contact the Medical Commission during the working hours from 7:00 am - 7:30 pm.
      • For accredited private hospitals, you may call (+974) 44679161 and for authorized primary healthcare centers dial (+974) 44679134.

      Post medical examination

      Medical Results

      Qatar is very strict when it comes to their medical policies. For those who will fail the medical examination, will immediately be notified and will be sent home to their respective countries.

      For those newcomers who passed the medical examination, they are required to register their fingerprints at the CEID headquarters at Salwa Road, Al Rayyan. For more information about fingerprinting in Qatar, you may check our previous article about it. Click here.

      * Those working in restaurants, barbershops, laundries, health clubs and other public places are required to undergo annual health checks.

      * For any information or assistance, you may call at (+974) 4407 8933 or send an email to [email protected].

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