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Posted On: 29 December 2022 04:49 pm
Updated On: 29 December 2022 04:54 pm

Meet Reem Chen - gamer, streamer, and cosplayer

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Reem chen gamer streamer cosplayer

The gaming community in Qatar continues to thrive, with more creators, collectors, cosplayers, and gamers coming together to boost the community by collaborating and participating in events.

Reem Chen has been an active member of the community as a gamer, streamer, and cosplayer who won this year's Geekdom Cosplay Competition. The (ILQ) team caught up with Reem to find out more about her and her passion for gaming, streaming, and cosplaying.

ILQ: Please tell us about yourself.

Reem Chen
Image credit: Reem Chen

RC: My name is Reem Chen, and I'm from China. I've lived in Qatar for almost 7 years. I work for 1UP Gaming Center as the shop manager.

Working at 1UP is like a dream come true, as I can earn money while doing what I love.

ILQ: When and how did your love for gaming start?

RC: I started playing video games when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Gaming is my only way to kill time, and I have enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, as an Asian child, my parents wanted me to pursue a career as a teacher or a doctor and did not like that I loved to play video games. I used to sneak out and play in gaming centers.

My oldest and favourite game is Red Alert. I still remember how we struggled to kill the boss!

I used to play a lot of FPS (first-person shooter) games, but RPGs (role-playing games) are my favourite now.

ILQ: What would you say is your favourite game?

RC: It's hard to choose my favourite game because there are many different types. I think it would be Final Fantasy X, as it is the one that always makes me cry.

The game's story is so lovely. Each character has a different personality and a beautiful storyline. The game's combat system is amazing and has a smooth RPG style.

The most important part for me is the music! This game has amazing battle and boss fight music that is very catchy.

ILQ: Can you tell us about your gaming setup and consoles?

Reem Chen gaming setup
Image credit: Reem Chen

RC: I mainly game on my desktop PC, but I also have a PS4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch and my partner recently gifted me an AYANEO handheld console.

ILQ: How did you start streaming, and what do you love about it?

RC: I started streaming as a part of my work at 1UP Gaming Center and fell in love with it as a hobby.

I love streaming because it allowed me to make many friends worldwide, such as in the US, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. The friendships I've made through streaming have even extended into real-life friendships.

Even remembering the fun times I've experienced playing with them during streams still makes me smile.

ILQ: Can you tell us more about 1UP Gaming Center?

1UP Gaming Center
Image credit: @1upgc (Instagram)

RC: 1UP Gaming Center was one of the most popular gaming centers in Qatar. We hosted many gaming events and tournaments. We have the most friendly staff and a chill vibe. However, due to COVID, we decided to close the gaming center for now and focus on PC maintenance only.

We may re-open the gaming center again in the future so stay tuned, everyone!

ILQ: How did you start cosplaying, and what do you love about it?

Reem Chen cosplay
Image credit: Reem Chen

RC: I started cosplaying when I was 18, just for fun. I started to put more effort into cosplaying when I attended Geekdom 2019 in Qatar.

I love how cosplaying allows you to be whoever you want. You can be any game or anime character you love and express yourself without words.

ILQ: What's your cosplay process?

RC: My cosplay process takes a few steps.

First, I choose the character I want to portray. I select one that suits me, someone I identify with. I also make sure that the character is respectable and friendly. I make sure that my cosplays are appropriate for my followers who may be younger.

Second, I buy or craft clothes, wigs, and props. Sometimes I sew and alter them to perfectly fit my size. I also make sure to fix the costume to be more presentable if I plan on wearing it in public.

Third, I practice how the character talks, walks, smiles or even dances. I try to act like them more to truly portray the character.

Lastly, I plan and fix my makeup to better capture the character's look and try to get every detail, from the eye colours to the nails.

ILQ: Can you tell us about your cosplay-winning performance this Geekdom 2022?

RC: I'm very grateful that I won the 1st prize in Geekdom 2022 Cosplay Competition.

I went as Racing Hatsune Miku 2022. For my performance, I did an anime dance as Miku.

To be honest, I was very nervous that day, but hearing everyone's cheer encouraged me to improve my performance. All the other cosplayers were amazing that day as well. Geekdom 2022 was one of my best days ever.

ILQ: Do you have any plans for future cosplays?

RC: I am very interested in the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2023 (MEFCC) happening in UAE and the Saudi Comic Con.

I'm already preparing my costume for the MEFCC 2023! Hope I can represent the people who love cosplay in Qatar there too.

ILQ: What advice would you give someone who wants to start cosplaying?

Reem Chen cosplay
Image credit: Reem Chen

RC: My advice for people who want to cosplay is to be yourself, but don't forget your principles.

If anyone needs help with anything related to cosplay, don't be shy and reach out! I am always here to help with anything you need, from clothes, make-up, etc.!

ILQ: What do you think about Qatar's gaming and cosplay community?

RC: I think gaming and cosplay are still relatively new in Qatar. We need to give the community more time to accept it, as it still needs time to develop.

Despite that, the community is amazing and super friendly! The Geekdom team and Store974 are amazing and do their best to push cosplay and gaming in Qatar. I truly believe it will be amazing in the future with all the teamwork.

ILQ: What kind of gaming-related events would you like to see more in Qatar?

RC: I'd like to see more gaming tournaments, electronic exhibitions, cosplay events, and so on!

ILQ: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

RC: I'd like to give my special thanks to my partner, who gave me a lot of professional help and opinions to improve my gaming and cosplay. He is a geek and hardcore gamer, too.

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