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Posted On: 13 November 2022 01:00 pm
Updated On: 13 November 2022 02:11 pm

What's in store for you at the Lusail Boulevard

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Lusail boulevard guide cover

Lusail Boulevard is a street within the newly developed city of Lusail dedicated to being a leisure and retail hub.

The street-wide area boasts ultra-modern architecture, numerous restaurants, and cafés, with other entertaining elements like water fountains, amusing 3D screens, and much more!

With growing popularity, this modern avenue is also a hub for World Cup celebrations and festivities.

The (ILQ) team brings you a guide to the boulevard that tells you how to reach, what to expect, and so much more!

What to see

    Iconic 3D screens

    What's in store for you at the Lusail Boulevard
    Iconic lion on 3D screen in Lusail Boulevard

    One of the most amazing elements of Lusail Boulevard is the 3D screen.

    Look forward to the eye-catching lion that comes to life in a way that it seems like it is stepping foot on the Lusail Boulevard.

    Here's a glimpse of the live screens:


    Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
    Water fountain at Lusail Boulevard

    If you are looking for a fun splash for yourself or your kids, catch the illuminated fountains across the boulevard.

    Art installation

    Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
    Art installation is located near car showrooms at Lusail Boulevard.

    You can see this unique art installation near the car showrooms.

    Lusail City will also be a hub for many World Cup activities, check them out here:

    Where to eat

    Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
    Nando's at Lusail Boulevard

    Lusail Boulevard has abundant eateries for visitors to choose from. From casual dining restaurants to sophisticated cafés.


    • Basta
    • Chuck E Cheese
    • McDonald's
    • Papa Johns
    • Nando's
    • Hustle N Flow


    • Chry Chry Cafe
    • Maia
    • Horatii
    • Starbucks
    • mockingbird
    • Karaki Lounge
    • Margaret
    • Kommon Room
    • Piccolo
    • ROGA
    • Reboost Boulevard
    • Luci
    • Cup of Joe (Opening soon)
    • Dhahya Dates Gourmet (Opening soon)
    • Al Aker Sweets (Opening soon)

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      Where to shop

      Retail outlets

      Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
      Mumoso at Lusail Boulevard

      There are numerous retail outlets already open at Lusail Boulevard, offering things ranging from kids' toys to eyeglasses, perfumes & more!

      • Yateem Optician
      • Mumoso
      • Starlink
      • Kiddy Zone
      • Al Ghariya Cycling
      • Rotor Mobility
      • Al Jazeera Perfumes


      Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
      Sainsbury's at Lusail Boulevard preparing for the opening!

      For a quick pick up of essentials, the international favourite Sainsbury's will soon open its doors at Lusail Boulevard.

      Car showrooms

      Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
      BMW showroom at Lusail Boulevard!

      Currently open at Lusail Boulevard are two prominent car showrooms.

      • BMW
      • Al Fardan Premier Motors (Jaguar & Land Rover)

        Service providers located at Lusail Boulevard

        Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
        Tawfeeq Travels to open soon at Lusail Boulevard

        Lusail Boulevard also houses branches of essential service providers.

        • HSBC bank
        • Kulud Pharmacy
        • Qubaa Tailors
        • Tawfeeq Travels (Opening soon)

        Prayer rooms & toilets

        Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
        Doors in the middle lead to prayer rooms & toilets.

        Every building along Lusail Boulevard has toilets and prayer rooms accessible to the public.

        There are central entrances in between the retail outlets that serve as a point of access.

        How to access Lusail Boulevard

        Your guide to Lusail Boulevard
        Illuminated buildings at Lusail Boulevard

        Access to Lusail Boulevard is convenient by car or by metro. There are sufficient parking lots surrounding the boulevard. There are 4 main parking areas, ranging from P1 to P4.

        The closest metro station to get off at would be the Lusail QNB (Red Line). Exit 1 will give you easy access to Lusail Boulevard and will be a 5 to 10-minute walk.


        • The main boulevard is pedestrianised during the World Cup, so driving within the streets would not be possible.
        • There are tram stations across Lusail Boulevard which is part of the Lusail Tram line, specifically named 'Boulevard' and 'Crescent'; however, these are not operational yet.



        Have you been to Lusail Boulevard yet? Where are you planning to go? Do let us know in the comments below. So share this article - it keeps us going!