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Posted On: 3 June 2021 02:00 pm
Updated On: 3 June 2021 01:56 pm

Top 5 signs summer has arrived in Qatar

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We're smack dab in the middle of the year and that means only one thing in terms of Qatar's weather. More heat is yet to come. But how hot does Qatar get in the summer? Around this time of year, we're already in the low to mid-40s which continues until August, with the chance of it reaching up to 50s during peak summer. When that happens, you will surely see photos showing the high temperature posted on social media.

This is also the time when we wake up, it's already too bright outside, when we crave for all things cold, and water becomes our savior. But what are the other signs that the intense summer heat is truly upon us here in Qatar? We've rounded up some of them in this week's Top 5!

Disclaimer: This is for fun only and not to disrespect anyone. It's not in any way representative of everyone's experience living in Qatar. Proceed at your own risk.

You know it's summer in Qatar when...

1. Water is hot and hotter

Bill Murray Shower GIF By Groundhog Day
Source: Groundhog Day via Giphy

Summertime is the period when we turn off the heater because during this time there are only two temperature settings - hot and hotter! Washing the dishes at the sink during lunchtime becomes a challenge because the longer the faucet is open, the more you feel like your hand is burning. Even at midnight, the water coming out from the shower is still scorching hot. And don't you just love it when you do a little jump because the water coming from the bidet feels like it burned your private parts?

So to those of you who have chiller in their water tanks and whose water tanks aren't stored outside, make sure to count your blessings.

2. Your car turns into an oven

summer has arrived in Qatar
Source: Giphy

Gone were the days when we can roll down our car window and go for a drive (at least until winter comes back around). Parking your car outside is also a whole other ballgame. You're already dreading approaching the car after a long time it's been out in the sun because you know everything will be hot - the handle, the seat, the buckle, the steering wheel....

Plus, driving during the day feels like you're being baked inside your car.

3. AC is life

hey arnold gif via giphy
Source: Giphy

Air conditioning saves the day and night! In fact, we become so thankful that AC was invented. Just imagine how our forefathers survived without it. The AC works overtime during the summer that sometimes, it's turned on 24/7!

And our worst nightmare is the day we find out that the AC is broken and the maintenance is taking too long to fix it. So make sure your aircon is properly maintained, people!

Funny how even during summer, those working in the office still argue if the AC temperature is too hot or too cold!

4. Walking outside will have you sweating buckets

sweating buckets
Source: Dr Sucre on tumblr

Taking a walk outside from 8 am to 5 pm becomes excruciating. Not only will you feel like you're being burned to a crisp but it also will have you sweating like crazy. Exercising outside during these times is also a no-go unless you want to suffer from heatstroke. That's why the Ministry bans outdoor work for more than 3 months!

And you must be crazy if you're out on the beach during these hours. Walking on the sand at the beach at midday will have you playing a real-life version of The Floor Is Lava!

5. We can't wait till it gets colder

winter is coming jon snow
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And because of the heat, we can't help but wish that winter is back. It doesn't snow in Qatar or has temperatures below zero but we're always counting down the days until the weather becomes bearable again and we can stay out longer.


Do you like summer in Qatar? What other signs do you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!