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Posted On: 20 March 2023 03:00 pm
Updated On: 22 March 2023 01:05 pm

Things to do in Qatar during summer

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Summers in Qatar can be challenging, but when you know what to do here, you'll surely enjoy the season. If you want to explore Qatar and do the many things it offers, put on your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat and get on with your adventure!

The (ILQ) team has put together a list of things to do in Qatar during summertime. Let's go, and we hope you have a great time!

Explore West Walk

What to expect at West Walk
Open courtyard - popular space for leisure walks.

West Walk in Al Waab is a new destination to explore. The main courtyard is air-conditioned, so you can enjoy the many food options, check out the retail outlets and stroll around there.

Go to the Panda House Park

Panda House Park
How cute is the panda!

This is an excursion you'll surely love. Enjoy a day out with the family by checking out Panda House Park in Al Khor. Meet the two giant pandas named Suhail and Thuraya, and the best part is that the park inside is completely air-conditioned.

Visit Al Gharrafa Park

What to check out at Qatar’s first-ever air-conditioned Al Gharrafa Park
Cool tunnel, don't you think?!

You can stroll around Al Gharrafa Park's air-conditioned tunnel, jog and walk without worrying about the mid-day sun. Now you can put in those steps with ease outdoors, even during summertime!

Have fun at Doha Quest

Doha Quest
Image credit: Doha Quest

This indoor theme park will keep you away from the sun and will also give you unlimited fun! Go on the rides, enjoy the roller coaster rides, and stop by for refreshments before continuing your day here.

    Enjoy at Katara Beach

    Everything you need to know about Katara Beach
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    Spanning 1.5 km, Katara Beach is a great place for some much-needed unwinding. There are plenty of things that can keep you busy. Water activities include kayaking, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing and more. There's a dedicated children's play area and plenty of spots to grab food from here. Are you ready to spend some time under the sun having fun?

    Check out the different museums

    National Museum of Qatar Guide
    National Museum of Qatar.

    Qatar's museums are a must-visit place when you're here. Learn about different aspects of Qatar's history, the sporting evolution, Arabic and contemporary art and more at these places! Learn in detail about each of them below.

    Check out 21 High Street

    Katara Cultural Village
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    21 High Street has outdoor air conditioning and is designed in such a way that you don't feel the summer heat when you're there. You can check out Galeries Lafayette, shop at SNAN Food Hall, grab a coffee from one of the cafes or simply stroll around enjoying the cool breeze.

    Kayak around Al Thakira Mangroves

    Where to go kayaking in Qatar
    Image Credit: AquaSports Qatar

    Fancy a water activity? Why don't you try kayaking and cool down by the mangroves at Al Thakira?

    This place is a natural beauty, with greenery, flora and fauna all over. It's a great spot to enjoy with the whole family, and many tour companies can help you with kayaking activities here!

    Visit Al Karaana Lagoon

    11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
    A peaceful location!

    At Al Karaana Lagoon, be surrounded by water and green areas. This spot is a favourite of nature lovers, photographers, and people who like going on road trips! Have you checked it out yet? Please note that there is no shade here, so it's advisable to go early in the morning or late afternoon, before sunset, to explore the place and chill down.

    Go crazy at Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

    Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park
    Image credit: Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

    Water activity is something everyone would love doing during the summers, and if you are a water baby, then Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park is something you should check out!

    With a number of rides and slides at Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park, enjoy with your friends and family at the Sea Caves Water Park and have access to the activities within the water park.

    Visit Umm Al Seneem Park

    Largest AC Outdoor Path, Umm Al Seneem Park
    Enjoy cool weather at any time of the year!

    Another park to explore during summer is Umm Al Seneem Park. Visitors can walk or jog any time of the year with the AC outdoor path that goes around the whole park. Did you know it is 1.143 km long?


    How many of these places have you already visited in Qatar? Do you have any other favourite spots to visit? Do let us know below. Do share this article - it keeps us going!