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Posted On: 12 March 2023 05:00 pm
Updated On: 12 March 2023 03:38 pm

Foodie Street: Al Aziziyah

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Foodie street restaurants al aziziyah

Looking for ideas for your next foodie adventure? Have you tried any of the eateries at Al Aziziyah Street? Venture into the busy road dotted with restaurants and cafes and enjoy a wide selection of cuisines and flavours!

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Where is Al Aziziyah Street?

Al Aziziyah Street
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Al Aziziyah Street is a vertical stretch of road near Villagio Mall that connects Umm Al Kharj Street in the north to Salwa Road on its south side.

Note: This guide will take you through eateries from the south, Salwa Road, to the north.

Bahay Kubo Filipino Restaurant

Bahay Kubo Filipino Restaurant
Image credit: Bahay Kubo Filipino Restaurant

Satisfy your cravings for home-cooked Filipino meals at Bahay Kubo Filipino Restaurant! Enjoy their iconic silogs and authentic Filipino delicacies in a 'bahay kubo' or traditional hut-inspired restaurant.

  • Cuisine: Filipino
  • Contact: +974 3340 6669
  • Instagram: @bahaykuboaziziya

Fès Restaurant Doha

Fes Restaurant Doha
Image credit: Fes Restaurant Doha

Discover the flavourful tastes of Moroccan cuisine at Fès Restaurant Doha. They serve traditionally prepared delicacies that deliver an authentic dining experience.

  • Cuisine: Moroccan
  • Contact: +974 6655 8955
  • Instagram:

Al Khaleejia for Fresh Fish Restaurant

Al Khaleejia for Fresh Fish Restaurant
Image credit: Fosfour Alkhaleej from Google Images

Seafood lovers will be treated to a yummy feast at Al Khaleejia for Fresh Fish Restaurant! Their wide selection of seafood prepared in many ways will satisfy every craving.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Contact: +974 4468 4293

Tikka Grills

Tikka Grills
Image credit: Tikka Grills

Get your tikka and kebab grills and enjoy freshly cooked and well-spiced meats. At Tikka Grills, you'll also enjoy fresh bread cooked traditionally in tandoor ovens!

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Contact: +974 4466 0226
  • Instagram:

Jordanian Mansaf House

Jordanian Mansaf House
Image credit: Jordanian Mansaf House

Enjoy filling, rich, and tasty eats at Jordanian Mansaf House! A great place for large gatherings of family or friends to have yummy food platters together.

  • Cuisine: Jordanian
  • Contact: +974 5544 2124
  • Facebook: @MansafJordanQa

Afghan Brothers Al Mandi Restaurant

Afghan Brothers Al Mandi Restaurant
Image credit: Afghan Brothers Al Mandi Restaurant

Experience Afghani cuisine and authentic dining at one of Doha’s favourite eateries. Their floor dining in a private room is a must-try experience!

  • Cuisine: Afghan
  • Contact: +974 4441 2512
  • Instagram: @afghanbrothersqtr

Tasty Hot Dogs

Tasty Hot Dog
Image credit: Tasty Hot Dog

Enjoy juicy hotdogs and burgers at Tasty Hot Dogs! Their menu includes unique twists to the classic sandwiches and hotdog buns such as the Crispy Hot Dog Sandwich, Cheetos Fry Hot Dog Sandwich, and much more!

  • Cuisine: American
  • Contact: +974 3381 8949
  • Instagram:

5 Min Burger

5 Min Burger
Image credit: 5 Min Burger

Nothing like good comfort food! 5 Min Burger servers burgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, fries, and all that tasty good stuff.

  • Cuisine: American
  • Contact: +974 3131 7600
  • Instagram: @5min.qatar

Dolce and Gelati

Dolce & Gelati
Image credit: Dolce & Gelati

Looking for a sweet treat? Head to Dolce and Gelati and select from their decadent pastries, cakes, and gelato!

  • Cuisine: Deserts
  • Contact: +974 5598 3863
  • Instagram: @dolceandgelati

Chain Blue

Chain Blue
Image credit: Chain Blue

This quaint little eatery offers cosy vibes and serves yummy favourites such as pasta, burgers, and sandwiches in an Instagramable venue!

  • Cuisine: International
  • Contact: +974 3368 6262
  • Instagram:


Image credit: Risotto

Craving Italian? Try Risotto’s selection of authentic pasta and pizza! The venue's interior is modern and chic, great for afternoon lunches or intimate dinners.

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Contact: +974 3368 6262
  • Instagram: @risottoqtr

Crazy Bites

Crazy Bites
Image credit: Crazy Bites

Go crazy on the comfort food and try Crazy Bites’ menu of extra cheesy burgers, wings, and sandwiches! Try their burgers covered in cheese or dipped in cheese for something tasty.

  • Cuisine: American
  • Contact: +974 3302 2409
  • Instagram:

The Bread Shop Gluten Free Bakery

The Bread Shop Gluten Free Bakery
Image credit: The Bread Shop Gluten Free Bakery

Good news for those who are gluten intolerant! The Bread Shop Gluten Free Bakery offers yummy gluten-free treats such as bread, cakes, and pastries!

  • Cuisine: Artisinal bakery
  • Contact: +974 7779 2758
  • Instagram: @thebreadshopbakery

Have you tried any of these eateries? Which street do you think we should cover next? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!