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Posted On: 7 February 2023 05:00 pm
Updated On: 8 February 2023 10:49 am

Foodie Street: Al Jazeera, Bin Mahmoud

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Foodie street al jazeera bin mahmoud doha

Doha is truly a foodie’s dream, with its many streets lined with eateries offering the flavours of the world to its residents. You truly don’t have to travel far to taste different cuisines.

In this guide, the (ILQ) team takes you through the busy and thriving Al Jazeera Street in Bin Mahmoud. Happy eating!

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Where is Al Jazeera Street?

Al Jazeera Street
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Al Jazeera Street, which crosses paths with Ibn Mahmoud Street, is another foodie street in Bin Mahmoud. It is a long horizontal street with numerous restaurants and cafes, nestled between retail shops, salons, and various other establishments.

Note: This guide will take you through the eateries, from the C-Ring side on the west to Al Khaleej Street on the east.

    Al Halfaouine 1808

    Al Halfaouine 1808
    Image credit: Al Halfaouine 1808

    Feel as if you’ve travelled to Tunisia at Al Halfaouine 1808 with its thoughtfully decorated interiors and a menu of traditional Tunisian dishes.

    • Cuisine: Tunisian
    • Contact: +974 5043 6352
    • Instagram: @al_halfaouine_1808

    Korean Restaurant Sol

    Korean Sol Restaurant
    Image credit: Korean Restaurant Sol

    A hidden gem in Al Jazeera Street is a Korean restaurant within a hotel apartment building. Korean Restaurant Sol, also known as Al Sol Restaurant, serves authentic and traditional Korean delicacies.

    • Cuisine: Korean
    • Contact: +974 4477 1936
    • Instagram: @korean_restaurant_sol

    Al Kalha Qatar

    Al Kalha Qatar
    Image credit: Al Kalha Qatar

    Discover the flavours of Jordanian cuisine at Al Kalha Qatar with its vibrant venue and walls showcasing the iconic sceneries of Jordan.

    • Cuisine: Jordanian
    • Contact: +974 4017 7174
    • Instagram: @alkalhaqatar

    Desi Dhaba

    Desi Dhaba
    Image credit: Desi Dhaba

    Step into the trendy and colourful Desi Dhaba and enjoy North-Indian street food favourites! Its interior brings a festive vibe that goes well with its delicious menu items.

    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Contact: +974 4441 1319
    • Instagram: @desidhabaqatar

    Al Aker Sweets

    Al Aker Sweets
    Image credit: Al Aker Sweets

    Looking for something sweet? Craving for some kunafa? Al Aker Sweets is a must-try!

    • Cuisine: desserts & pastries
    • Contact: +974 4411 1152
    • Instagram: @alakergroup

    Beirut Restaurant

    Beirut Restaurant
    Image credit: Beirut Restaurant

    If you’re a hummus lover, you must try the iconic Beirut Restaurant, where people all over Doha travel just for it! They also serve shawarma and savoury pies.

    • Cuisine: Lebanese
    • Contact: +974 4435 5258
    • Instagram:

    Hoi An Restaurant

    Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant
    Image credit: Christian Kipp from Google Images

    Get transported to the small town of Hoi An in Vietnam at this quaint little eatery. Try authentic Vietnamese favourites such as pho, summer rolls, lemongrass grilled chicken, and much more!

    • Cuisine: Vietnamese
    • Contact: +974 3347 7700
    • Instagram: @hoianrestaurantqatar

    Khaosan Restaurant

    Khaosan Thai Restaurant
    Image credit: Khaosan Thai Restaurant

    Craving for Thai? Head to Khaosan Restaurant and try their extensive menu of Thai delicacies from satay, curries, noodles, and more!

    • Cuisine: Thai
    • Contact: +974 3000 4368
    • Instagram:

    Shore Time Filipino Restaurant

    Shore Time Filipino Restaurant
    Image credit: Shore Time Filipino Restaurant

    Savour the comforting taste of home-cooked Filipino dishes at Shore Time Filipino Restaurant. Their vast menu offers classic favourites from sizzling sisig to bulalo!

    • Cuisine: Filipino
    • Contact: +974 3337 1113
    • Instagram: @shoretimepinoy

    Chaya Kada

    Chaya Kada
    Image credit: Chaya Kada

    Chaya Kada translates to 'tea shop' in Malayalam and serves more than just their signature chai and snacks. Their menu also consists of delicious food and homecooked dishes from Kerala that shouldn't be missed!

    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Contact: +974 4460 4989
    • Instagram: @chayakada.qatar

    Thai Cuisine Restaurant

    Thai Cuisine Restaurant
    Image credit: Thai Cuisine Restaurant

    Another must-try for Thai food lovers is Thai Cuisine Restaurant. Their cosy venue offers a homey vibe while you enjoy your favourite Thai dishes.

    • Cuisine: Thai
    • Contact: +974 4477 2604
    • Instagram: @thaicuisinerestaurant

    Brilliant Cafe

    Brilliant Cafe
    Image credit: Brilliant Cafe

    More than just a cafe that serves brews, refreshments, and desserts, Brilliant Cafe also has a menu that offers delicious international dishes such as pasta, steak, roast chicken, and more.

    • Cuisine: Cafe, international
    • Contact: +974 3131 2411
    • Instagram: @brilliantcafeqa

    Which one of these eateries are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article – it keeps us going!