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Posted On: 19 February 2023 05:15 pm
Updated On: 19 February 2023 07:33 pm

Foodie Street: Matar Qadeem, Old Airport

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Foodie street restaurants matar qadeem old airport doha

Looking for good neighbourhood eats located in a single area? Doha has many spots that foodies should explore!

For this edition of Foodie Street, the (ILQ) team takes you to the bustling area of Al Matar Al Qadeem Street.

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Where is Matar Qadeem?

Matar Qadeem
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Al Matar Al Qadeem Street, also known simply as Matar Qadeem, is a long stretch of road located in the neighbourhood of Old Airport and is full of eateries and establishments. It's a busy area well-worth visiting for its wide selection of foodie gems at reasonable prices.

Note: This guide will go through eateries from Jaber bin Hayyan Street on the west to Airport Street on the east.

Habeeb Restaurant

Habeeb Restaurant
Image credit: Habeeb Restaurant

Habeeb Restaurant is one of Doha's beloved local favourites for its reasonably priced, authentic Turkish dishes.

  • Cuisine: Turkish
  • Contact: +974 4467 8503, +974 4476 4744
  • Instagram: @habeebrestaurant

Lanka Restaurant

Lanka Restaurant
Image credit: Lanka Restaurant

Lanka Restaurant is a popular eatery serving Sri Lankan favourites. They have several locations in Doha, which also includes Matar Qadeem.

  • Cuisine: Sri Lankan
  • Contact: +974 7000 9849
  • Facebook: @LankaRestaurantQatar

Bawarchi Restaurant

Bawarchi Restaurant
Image credit: Bawarchi Restaurant

Experience the flavours and delicacies of Hyderabad dishes at Bawarchi Restaurant. Try their delicious selection of nihari paya, Mughlai, biryani, and much more!

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Contact: +974 7001 5444
  • Instagram: @bawarchi_restaurant

Saleem Javed Qatar

Saleem Javed Qatar
Image credit: Saleem Javed Qatar

Indulge in the iconic flavours from Delhi's iconic kebab makers at Saleem Javed Qatar. This is their first branch outside India and is a must-try!

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Contact: +974 4001 1091
  • Instagram: @saleemjavedqa

Afghan Brothers Al Mandi Restaurant

Afghan Brothers
Image credit: Afghan Brothers Al Mandi Restaurant

Experience the authentic flavours of Arabic cuisine and maybe even try dining the traditional way - on the floor!

  • Cuisine: Arabic
  • Contact: +974 4444 0488
  • Instagram: @afghanbrothersqtr

Taste of Asia Restaurant

Taste Of Asia Restaurant
Image credit: Bakhtiar Sutanto from Google Images

Taste of Asia Restaurant offers diners authentic Indian and Malaysian dishes! Some notable dishes are the nasi lemak, nasi goreng, rotis, thali, and more.

  • Cuisine: Indian & Malaysian
  • Contact: +974 4466 7497
  • Facebook: @tasteofasiaqatar

Dosa House

Dosa House
Image credit: Dosa House

Dosa House is a pure vegetarian eatery that offers 66 varieties of dosa, among other Indian favourites such as thali, thoran, sambar, and more.

  • Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian
  • Contact: +974 5007 7730
  • Instagram: @dosahouse_qatar

Baba Chapatea

Baba Chapatea
Image credit: Baba Chapatea

Baba Chapatea's vast array of chapati wraps makes it a crowd favourite. From savoury to sweet wraps, there's something for everyone!

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 7062 4000
  • Instagram: @babachapateaqa

Asian Wok Restaurant

Asian Wok Restaurant
Image credit: Asian Wok Restaurant

Satisfy both Filipino and Thai cravings at Asian Wok Restaurant! This Asian fusion restaurant offers flavours from both cuisines, from Pad Thai to Bulalo!

  • Cuisine: Filipino and Thai
  • Contact: +974 3371 0441
  • Instagram: @asianwokqa

Mashawi Al Arabi

Mashawi Al Arabi
Image credit: Mashawi Al Arabi

Craving for good shawarma? Mashawi Al Arabi is one of the local favourites in the area. They are a must-try, too, if you're looking for something new and tasty!

  • Cuisine: Arabic
  • Contact: +974 7062 4000

Brooks Café

Brooks Cafe
Image credit: Brooks Cafe

Try out Brooks Café and its variety of unique and interesting desserts. Their Molten Chocolate shouldn't be missed!

  • Cuisine: Café
  • Contact: +974 3146 6733
  • Instagram: @brookscafeqatar

Karak Mqanes

Karak Mqanes
Image credit: Kara Maqanes

A popular spot for tea and breakfast, Karak Mqanees should be one of your stops for your next food trip!

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 4444 0153
  • Instagram: @karakmqanes

Have you tried any of these eateries? Which street do you think we should cover next? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!