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Posted On: 15 March 2020 07:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:11 am

Baladiya: Local vegetable markets now open daily; fish to be sold in designated markets

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In a tweet on its account, Baladiya (Ministry of Municipality and Environment) has announced that local produce yards will open daily throughout the week, from 7 am to 3 pm. The markets used to open only on weekends.

The vegetable markets are located in the following areas:

In a separate announcement on Twitter, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment also said that based on the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry to stop selling auctions in Umm Salal Fish Market from Sunday on another notice, it was decided that fish would be sold to wholesalers directly in the fish markets in each of the ports of Al-Wakrah, Al-Khor, and Al-Rais. Fish will also be allowed to be sold directly to the operators (fish shops).

The ministry stressed in a statement published through its account on Twitter, that the sale should be carried out according to the controls and conditions, which is the sale in kilograms, and the necessity of examining the fish by the veterinarian in the port before offering it for sale. And that the owner of the permitted cruiser (boat) is to provide a balance (weighing scale) that matches the health specifications and is resistant to rust, and that fish is displayed and stored in plastic refrigerators.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment