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You can explore a famous souq (market), museums, park, beach, club, Doha Corniche, and more for the football season!
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Fan zones, music festivals, cultural activities, and more entertainment await football fans in Qatar from 20 November 2022!
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What to explore near Al Thumama Stadium? Check out a smart city, an indoor theme park, public art, music festivals and more!
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Discover the places you can visit in the north of Qatar near Al Bayt Stadium, where the opening match of the World Cup 2022 will take place!
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Do you want to dress like a Qatari? We got you covered! In this episode, join Mr Q as he shows you how to get a custom-made thobe!
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q tips
#QTip: Qatar and Ghana - what are the similarities?
Did you know that Ghana is one of the top cocoa-producing countries in the world? Watch this video to find out about Ghana's similarities with Qatar!
5 June 2022
#QTip: What's common between Qatar and Morocco?
Watch this QTip to check out how Moroccans support their team during matches and what's similar between Qatar & Morocco!
22 May 2022
#QTip: Let's talk about similarities between Qatar and Tunisia!
Did you know Tunisians cannot live without Harissa, which is a hot chilli pepper paste? Check out the cultural similarities between these countries!
15 May 2022
#QTip: What's common between Qatar and Mexico?
Mexico is qualified for World Cup 2022 and we will see many Mexicans in Qatar soon! Want to find out their cultural similarity? Check out the episode!
8 May 2022
#QTip: Know what holidays you are entitled in Qatar (Know your rights)
What's your favorite public holiday in Qatar? Watch this episode to find out more about the national holidays celebrated here!
24 April 2022
#QTip: What are the most popular drinks in Qatar?
What's a popular drink all year round in Qatar? How about drinks for summer and winter? Get to know what drinks you need to try in Qatar!
17 April 2022
#QTip: 5 adventures you need to try in Qatar
Are you planning to visit Qatar this 2022? Or are you living in Qatar and hoping to explore more of the country? Then this episode is for you!
10 April 2022
#QTip: Does Qatar have good relations with America?
Does Qatar do business with the USA? Is Qatar an ally of America? Find out all about that and more in this new episode of QTips!
3 April 2022
#QTip: Visiting Qatar? Here are some do's and don'ts you need to remember
What are the things you need to remember and the things you shouldn't do when you're visiting Qatar for the first time? Watch the episode to find out!
28 November 2021
#QTip: How is Qatar preparing for the World Cup 2022? [PART 2]
Want to know more of the projects that Qatar has undertaken in preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™? Watch the episode here!
21 November 2021
#QTip: How is Qatar preparing for the World Cup 2022? [PART 1]
What are some of the biggest projects that Qatar has undertaken in preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™? Watch the episode here!
14 November 2021
#QTip: 6 cool facts about Qatar you need to know before visiting
Did you know that there are no mountains, volcanoes, or natural rivers & lakes in Qatar? Watch this QTip to learn more cool facts about this country!
7 November 2021
#QTip: How do you pronounce the names of places in Qatar? (World Cup 2022 edition)
Time for another episode! The World Cup is coming up, so here’s some of the important areas you’re going to need to pronounce right 🙂
31 October 2021
#QTip: 10 foods you need to try when you visit Qatar
Get to know some of the Qatari dishes and Arabic foods that you need to try when you visit Qatar. Check them out here!
24 October 2021
#QTip: How to get around Qatar? Find out about the public transport!
Which mode of public transportation do you use the most? Find out the options available in Qatar & the future of its public transport in this episode!
17 October 2021
#QTip: Are you familiar with these traditional games played in Qatar?
Have you heard of the "Wolf Game"? How about the wheel pushing game and Qatar's version of Duck Duck Goose? Find out in this episode!
10 October 2021
#QTip: What makes barbershops and salons special in Qatar?
There are plenty of barbershops and hair salons for men in Qatar. But what makes some a cut above the rest? Find out here!
3 October 2021
#QTip: Answers to the web's most searched questions about Qatar (part 3)
Mr. Q is back to answer more of your questions about Qatar that you've searched on the internet! So hit that play button and enjoy!
26 September 2021
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