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How to wear your ghitra in the "cobra" style? Check out this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to do it the Qatari way!
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In this QTip episode, we’re talking about shoes and what to do with them when you’re entering a Qatari home!
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You may have seen or will see some women in Qatar wearing a metallic face covering. In this episode, find out what you need to know about the batoola!
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Have you tried gahwa and Karak in Qatar? Hit the play button to find out more about these beloved drinks and beverages in Qatar!
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In this episode, Mr Q talks about personal space and queue etiquette. Watch to find out why you'll notice some people leave a gap!
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#QTip: Places to visit near Education City Stadium | Qatar
Our next stadium in the spotlight is Qatar’s ‘Diamond in the Desert’! Find out what you can see near the Education City Stadium.
2 October 2022
#QTip: Places to visit near Khalifa International Stadium
Find out what you can explore around Khalifa International Stadium - from museums, malls, parks and more!
25 September 2022
#QTip: Things to do in Qatar under QR 100 and USD 100
What are the top attractions in Qatar that tourists can visit for less than QR 100 and USD 100? Watch this episode to find out!
18 September 2022
#QTip: What's common between Qatar and Brazil?
Which Brazilian food is similar to a popular sweet treat in Qatar? How do Brazilians cheer for their national football team? Find out in this episode!
11 September 2022
#QTip: Let's talk about similarities between Qatar and Portugal!
Find out how fans cheer for the Portugal national football team and find out similarities between Qatar and Portugal!
28 August 2022
#QTip: What's common between Qatar and Iran?
Why is there a cheetah on the Iran national football team's jersey, and what is Iran famous for? Find out about these and more in this week's episode!
14 August 2022
#QTip: Find out how similar Qatar is to Spain - culture, food, football and more!
Is Machboos similar to Paella? And why is Spain's national football team called La Roja? Find out in this week's QTip episode!
31 July 2022
Where to stay in Qatar during the World Cup 2022?
Qatar has unique accomodation options like the traditional tent or cruise ships for the world cup match ticket holders!
17 July 2022
What are the workers' rights for working outdoors during summer in Qatar?
Is it allowed to work outdoors during summer in Qatar? Watch the video to find out the regulations in the country and the employer's responsibilities.
3 July 2022
#QTip: Is Qatari culture similar to South Korean culture?
Annyeong! Are you a K-pop, K-drama, or K-beauty fan? Interestingly, South Korean culture shares many similarities to Qatari culture!
19 June 2022
#QTip: Qatar and Ghana - what are the similarities?
Did you know that Ghana is one of the top cocoa-producing countries in the world? Watch this video to find out about Ghana's similarities with Qatar!
5 June 2022
#QTip: What's common between Qatar and Morocco?
Watch this QTip to check out how Moroccans support their team during matches and what's similar between Qatar & Morocco!
22 May 2022
#QTip: Let's talk about similarities between Qatar and Tunisia!
Did you know Tunisians cannot live without Harissa, which is a hot chilli pepper paste? Check out the cultural similarities between these countries!
15 May 2022
#QTip: What's common between Qatar and Mexico?
Mexico is qualified for World Cup 2022 and we will see many Mexicans in Qatar soon! Want to find out their cultural similarity? Check out the episode!
8 May 2022
#QTip: Know what holidays you are entitled in Qatar (Know your rights)
What's your favorite public holiday in Qatar? Watch this episode to find out more about the national holidays celebrated here!
24 April 2022
#QTip: What are the most popular drinks in Qatar?
What's a popular drink all year round in Qatar? How about drinks for summer and winter? Get to know what drinks you need to try in Qatar!
17 April 2022
#QTip: 5 adventures you need to try in Qatar
Are you planning to visit Qatar this 2022? Or are you living in Qatar and hoping to explore more of the country? Then this episode is for you!
10 April 2022
#QTip: Does Qatar have good relations with America?
Does Qatar do business with the USA? Is Qatar an ally of America? Find out all about that and more in this new episode of QTips!
3 April 2022
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