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You can explore a famous souq (market), museums, park, beach, club, Doha Corniche, and more for the football season!
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Fan zones, music festivals, cultural activities, and more entertainment await football fans in Qatar from 20 November 2022!
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What to explore near Al Thumama Stadium? Check out a smart city, an indoor theme park, public art, music festivals and more!
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Discover the places you can visit in the north of Qatar near Al Bayt Stadium, where the opening match of the World Cup 2022 will take place!
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Do you want to dress like a Qatari? We got you covered! In this episode, join Mr Q as he shows you how to get a custom-made thobe!
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#QTip: Answering MORE of the web's most asked questions about Qatar (part 2)
Mr. Q is back to answer more of your burning questions about Qatar that you've searched on the internet! So hit that play button and enjoy!
19 September 2021
#QTip: Answering the web's most searched questions about Qatar (part 1)
In this latest episode of QTip, Mr. Q answers the internet's most searched questions about Qatar! Watch to find out the answers!
12 September 2021
#QTip: When did Qatar gain its independence?
Did you know that Qatar National Day and its Independence Day are celebrated on different dates? Find out more in this latest QTip episode!
29 August 2021
#QTip: What kind of dates can you find in Qatar?
Watch this latest episode of #QTip and let us know what's your favorite kind of date (the fruit!).
22 August 2021
#QTip: Useful Arabic phrases & slang words you need to learn when traveling or living in Qatar
Do you want to learn more Arabic words especially Khaleeji phrases used in Qatar? Hit the play button to start learning!
15 August 2021
#QTip: Do you know these comedians in Qatar?
Do you love comedy? In this episode of QTip, check out a list of comedians in Doha who are sure to give you a good laugh!
8 August 2021
#QTip: Do you know the difference between Samosa, Samboosa, and Sambousek?
Whether fried or baked, we all love eating these triangular or half-moon-shaped yumminess. But how do they differ from each other? Find out here!
1 August 2021
#QTip: Don't let Shaytan whisper in your ear! (Qatari folktales part 4)
What can you do to avoid Shaytan's whispers? Click to watch the latest episode of QTip - Qatari folktales and spooky stories edition!
25 July 2021
#QTip: What is a Djinn? Is it an evil creature? (Qatari folktales part 3)
Are Djinns evil or good? Get to know all about this supernatural creature in this latest episode of QTip- horror stories edition!
11 July 2021
#QTip: Why do seafarers fear Bu Daryah? (Qatari folktales part 2)
Who is Bu Daryah and what does he do to seafarers? Hit the play button to find out in this latest QTip episode!
4 July 2021
#QTip: Who is the Donkey Lady? (Qatari folktales part 1)
Why are children afraid of the Donkey Lady? Hit the play button to find out in this latest QTip episode!
27 June 2021
#QTip: Qatari traditional handicrafts you need to know about
Are you familiar with the local handicrafts you can find in Qatar? Find out more about these traditional arts and crafts by hitting the play button!
23 May 2021
#QTip: What are the traditional games played in Qatar?
Have you experienced or tried playing one of these games? Watch the latest episode of QTips and let us know what do you call these traditional games!
16 May 2021
#QTip: What are some antique items you can still find in Qatar?
Have you seen these items in Qatar? Have you used them? Watch the latest episode of QTips!
9 May 2021
#QTip​: How to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan
How can you stay healthy in Ramadan​ and not gain weight? Mr. Q has some cool tips for you in this latest episode of QTips​!
2 May 2021
#QTip: Who decides the actual day Ramadan starts and ends?
You asked, we answered! Who is the Crescent Sighting Committee and how do they decide the start and end of the holy month of Ramadan?
25 April 2021
#QTip: Why are the dates of Ramadan different each year?
Why does the Holy Month of Ramadan start and end at different dates every year? Watch the new episode of #QTips to find out!
18 April 2021
#QTip: What does Inshallah mean? When is it wrong to say Inshallah?
What does Inshallah mean? What's the right usage of Inshallah? Watch the latest QTip episode to find out what you need to know about "Inshallah."
11 April 2021
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