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You can explore a famous souq (market), museums, park, beach, club, Doha Corniche, and more for the football season!
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Fan zones, music festivals, cultural activities, and more entertainment await football fans in Qatar from 20 November 2022!
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What to explore near Al Thumama Stadium? Check out a smart city, an indoor theme park, public art, music festivals and more!
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Discover the places you can visit in the north of Qatar near Al Bayt Stadium, where the opening match of the World Cup 2022 will take place!
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Do you want to dress like a Qatari? We got you covered! In this episode, join Mr Q as he shows you how to get a custom-made thobe!
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q tips
#QTip: Is Qatar tax-free for expats?
In this week's episode, we're talking about TAXES! You'll learn about some of the taxes in Qatar like the excise or sin tax!
29 November 2020
#QTip: 5 amazing museums in Qatar you'll want to visit!
Have you been to the museum inspired by the desert rose? How about the four historic heritage houses in Doha's oldest district? Learn about these museums here!
22 November 2020
#QTip: Places in Qatar that no longer exist
Have you heard of Aladdin's Kingdom? Find out more about it and some of the long-gone places in Qatar in this week's QTip episode!
15 November 2020
#QTip: Bet you didn't know these facts about the Arabian Oryx!
Did you know that Arabian Oryx can smell when rain is coming? Watch this week's QTip episode to find out more about the national animal of Qatar!
8 November 2020
#QTip: Do Qataris vote? Are there government elections in Qatar?
Have you ever wondered if there are elections in Qatar and if Qataris vote? Find out in this week's QTip episode!
1 November 2020
#QTip: Is there really water in a camel's hump?
Do you know what's inside a camel hump? And did you know that camels in Qatar only have one hump? Watch this week's QTip episode to know more about camels in Qatar!
25 October 2020
#QTip: These are the types of falcons commonly found in Qatar!
Did you know that the falcon is Qatar's national bird? And that Qatar has its own falcon hospital? Watch this week's #QTip episode to find out the answers!
18 October 2020
#QTip: Funeral and burial traditions in Qatar - what you need to know
If you're curious about the funeral and burial traditions in Qatar, watch this episode to learn about them straight from Mr. Q!
11 October 2020
#QTip: Are there secret hidden symbols in Qatari Riyals? Find out what the symbols mean!
Do you know how many birds are at the back of a QAR 1 bill? Find out the answer by watching this week's QTip episode!
4 October 2020
#QTip: Do you know these national symbols of Qatar?
Do you know what is the national dish of Qatar? Watch this week's episode of QTips to learn more about the national symbols of Qatar straight from Mr. Q!
27 September 2020
#QTip: Learn about the national symbols of Qatar!
How well do you know Qatar? Do you know the national symbols? Watch this week's QTip episode to find out!
20 September 2020
#QTip: History of healthcare in Qatar
In this week's QTip episode, find out about the evolution of the healthcare industry in Qatar!
13 September 2020
#QTip: What’s the Arabic version of your name?
Watch this week's episode of QTips to find out what is the Arabic version of your English/Western name!
6 September 2020
#QTip: All you need to know about NOC removal and minimum wage!
Watch this special episode of QTips to find out all about the removal of the No Objection Certificate and the new minimum wage!
1 September 2020
#QTip: Find out how these places in Qatar got their names!
Every name has a story. Find out how the names of some of the places in Qatar came about!
30 August 2020
#QTip: Check out these Hamad International Airport art installations vol.2
Find out about the rest of the amazing art installations at Hamad International Airport! Have you seen all of them?
23 August 2020
#QTip: Check out these 5 astonishing public art installations in Qatar!
Have you seen these larger-than-life art installations around Qatar? Watch this week's QTip video to find out more from Mr. Q!
16 August 2020
#QTip: Have you seen these interesting art installations at Hamad International Airport?
How many art installations at Hamad International Airport have you seen? Watch this week's QTip episode to learn more!
9 August 2020
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