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The ILQ Test Drive: How much does the ILQ team know about Qatar?
We played the "Ultimate Qatar Guessing Game" and the result was hilarious! Click here to watch the full thing!
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Playing football against Red Bull: Will the ILQ team win?
We're back with another action-packed episode of the ILQ Test Drive! Which team are you on? ILQ or Red Bull?
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The ILQ Test Drive: Which beef do you like in your burger?
Ever wondered which is the best beef for your burger? Watch our beefy video and find out the answer!
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The ILQ Test Drive: We tried skydiving in Qatar!
We're sure jumping off a plane with a parachute attached is in your bucket list too! Well... guess what, the ILQ team just tried this extreme sport in Qatar! Click here to watch how it went!
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The ILQ Test Drive: We saved lives by donating blood!
Have you tried donating blood in Qatar before? Click here for an overview if you haven't!
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The ILQ Test Drive: Let's get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup!
The ILQ team tried playing finger football! Click here to watch how well they performed!
12 June 2018
Kids share their food during Ramadan
In this week's ILQ Test Drive brings you a special Ramadan episode, where kids share homemade food with their friends. Let’s see how kids react to eating a different kind of f...
29 May 2018
Non-Muslims in Qatar try fasting for a day!
Will ILQ's non-Muslim staff survive a regular working day without water and food? Find out by clicking here!
18 May 2018
ILQ Test Drive: People in Qatar try Turkish food!
Will the ILQ team be able to reach the dessert stage when we can't even stand the appetizer?! Click here to find out!
1 May 2018
Traffic experiment: Does switching lanes actually work?
Click here to find out!
17 April 2018
Can adults guess these quirky 3-year-olds' drawings?
Click here to find out!
3 April 2018
Shawarma challenge at QIFF 2018!
Can you finish 20 shawarmas in 10 minutes?
20 March 2018
Warming up for skydiving in Qatar has never been this CRAZY!
We tried flying like a bird in the Wind Tunnel in the Mall of Qatar! Click here to watch the second episode of the brand-new Test Drive!
13 March 2018
Do you want to be part of The ILQ Test Drive?
Click to see how to be part of it!
12 March 2018
We DARE you to get through this Test Drive Gag Reel without laughing!
What a season it's been for the ILQ Test Drive team! Click to watch some of the best behind-the-scenes bloopers in this, our season finale episode!
30 January 2018
We tried the Speak Out Game with hilariously drooling results!
Grab the tissues -- we're gonna need 'em! Click to watch!
16 January 2018
How acidic are bottled water brands in Qatar?
Click to watch as the ILQ Test Drive team finds out!
9 January 2018
We make our followers in Qatar eat Korean Nuclear Noodles!
See what happens when we make the unsuspecting public devour an entire plate of double-spicy Korean Nuclear Noodles! Click here to watch!
26 December 2017
No smell taste test: What were we eating?!
In this week's ILQ Test Drive, we do another taste test but without our sense of smell!! What do you think the results were? Watch our video and comment below!
28 November 2017
Eww, we drank toilet water?! Toilet Trouble Game
In this week's episode of the ILQ Test Drive, the team... drank toilet water. To find out what this is all about, watch the video! Toilet Trouble Game.
21 November 2017
Boys vs. girls: How to use Japanese products (A DIY facelift and more!)
It’s a showdown between the ILQ girls and boys as we try to figure out how to use these funky Japanese products from Daiso! Have you ever been to Daiso?
14 November 2017
War of the Words: English language showdown!
In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, the team has an English language showdown! No, English isn’t the same in every country - watch our video now!
7 November 2017
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