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Posted On: 22 June 2022 04:32 pm
Updated On: 27 October 2022 02:39 pm

How much does it cost to travel to Qatar? [2022]

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Costs to travel in Qatar

Are you planning to visit Qatar soon? With the FIFA World Cup coming up, Qatar is ready to accept tourists into its sunny and sandy doors! If you're planning on visiting Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, you should definitely read on to know just how much your trip to Qatar might cost you.

In this article, the (ILQ) team lists the average cost for those preparing to travel to Qatar. This includes plane tickets, accommodations, transportation, food, and other activities in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup!

Take note that rates of plane tickets and accommodations are subject to change and may increase during the tournament season.


  • The rates written in the article are subject to change.
  • For the latest travel and return policy of Qatar, kindly click here.

Getting into Qatar

cost to travel to Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock

Average cost: $1,186.85 non-stop, roundtrip from the US (by air)

Getting into Qatar can be done in more ways than one: by land, air, or sea! Land travels to Qatar can be done so by visitors from neighbouring countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As for sea travel, the only seaport that travellers can currently enter Qatar is via the Doha Port. Only those travelling in cruise ships that anchor in Doha for short periods of time are allowed to enter through this port.

If you're planning on coming by air, you can book your flights with Qatar Airways, Qatar's national airline, or through the various airlines that fly into the Hamad International Airport (HIA).

Note: The flight prices mentioned in the article are subject to change. The flight prices are based on the scheduled dates of the FIFA World Cup 2022 where air travel is expected from November 18 - December 21. They will most likely rise closer to the event dates.

If you're travelling with Qatar Airways, on average, a roundtrip, non-stop plane ticket from the US (New York, JFK) to Qatar will cost about $1,186.85 (QR 4,840). For other locations, here are the average roundtrip, and non-stop costs with Qatar Airways based on a simple search on Qatar Airways' website:

  • London, Heathrow Airport - $635.85 (QR 2,340)
  • Dubai, Dubai International Airport - $225.97 (QR 822.77)
  • Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport - $541.91 (QR 1,973.09)
  • Tokyo, Narita International Airport - $938.15 (QR 3,430)

If you're travelling from a GCC country, you could check out the different rates of airlines' for the Shuttle Flights during the FIFA World Cup.

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FIFA World Cup ticket holders are required to have a Hayya Card to enter Qatar during the World Cup as it will serve as an entry permit.

Staying in Qatar

cost to travel to Qatar
Image credit: Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha

Average cost: $84.07-5,133.07 for 1 adult/night

Qatar has a variety of amazing hotels that you could stay in when you visit. From internationally-known accommodations to 5-star hotels, the choice is in your hands! But as the FIFA World Cup gets closer, hotel rooms sell out quickly, so don't forget to book your rooms while you can.

If you are looking for luxury, comfort, and delicious food from in-house restaurants, you can always check in at hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village, Doha, the Four Seasons Hotel Doha, or the Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha! These hotels can be great for a luxurious vacation with beachfront and top-quality spas.

An average night at hotels in Qatar for 1 adult ranges from $192-274 (QR 700-1,000) depending on your booked dates. However, note that these are the accommodation prices of 5-star hotels and were researched for the booking dates of November 18-19 on June 2022.

For other accommodation options, Qatar has several selections for FIFA World Cup ticket holders! Qatar offers the following accommodations for those who will be attending the World Cup (as per the Qatar 2022 website):

  • Apartments & Villas (ranges from $84.07-242.11 (QR 300-864) per night)
  • Hotels (ranges from $104.8-5,133.07 (QR 374-18,318) per night)
  • Cruise Ship Hotels
  • Holiday Home
  • Fan Villages (ranges from $207.36 (QR 740) per night)

If you're a FIFA World Cup ticket holder and have family and friends in Qatar, you could stay with them too! Your family and friends can register their property and confirm or validate your information on your Hayya Card application.

To learn about the step-by-step process of booking other accommodations during the FIFA World Cup, click here!

Note: The prices mentioned in the article are subject to change.

Travelling around Qatar

cost to travel to Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock

Average cost: $0.55 - 2.75 per trip | Public transportation: Free with a Hayya Card!

For FIFA Ticket Holders, having a Hayya Card is mandatory; not only does it serve as your entry permit to Qatar and the stadiums, but it will also allow you to access public transportation for free.

Qatar has a variety of options that you can choose from when it comes to transportation: you can hail a cab through the available car taxi apps, hop on a bus at the bus stops around Doha with Karwa Bus, or ride the train and trams available with the Doha Metro & Lusail Tram system.

  • If you travel via the Karwa bus, you can download the Karwa Bus App for updated information on bus routes.
  • Metrolink and metroexpress is a free feeder bus/ride-sharing service that connects metro users within a 2 to 5-kilometre radius of the metro stations. metroexpress can be booked through the Karwa app.

If you're looking to explore using a cab, the Karwa Taxi meters start at $1.10 (QR 4) and run at $0.44 (QR 1.6) per km, while outside Doha is $0.52 (QR 1.90) per km. The same rates also apply to the nighttime fare. The minimum fare for the Karwa Taxi is $2.75 (QR 10), including the first 5 km. There are other car-hailing apps available in Qatar, such as Uber and Careem that could take you to your destination.

If you are looking to rent a car, click here!

    Where to eat in Qatar

    cost to travel to Qatar
    Image credit: Laboca Restaurant

    Average cost: $15 to $25 for a meal for 2

    You'll never run out of places to eat in Qatar. Aside from the ever-growing number of restaurants in the country that offer different cuisines, the already existing ones that offer comfort and satisfaction definitely deserve a visit. If you're planning on dining in fancy restaurants and buffets, there are some that could start from $40 per plate at a restaurant or $100 per head at buffets.

    Other budget-friendly restaurants are also available that could bill you an average of $25 for a meal for two!

    To know more about the dining deals in Qatar, click here!

    Note: You can always get cheaper meals at affordable restaurants throughout the city. For example, one small shawarma would cost you approximately $2.

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    Final budget breakdown

    There are several reasons why you should be in Qatar! Aside from one of the greatest sporting events of the year, there are also a ton of sights to see, places to visit, and activities to try here.

    Now that you've seen the average cost of travelling to Qatar, don't forget that this does not mean you should set aside just the exact amount of what's written here. You should also consider other miscellaneous fees such as tour activities, shopping, etc.

    For all the FIFA-related news and information, visit our Qatar 2022 page!

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