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Posted On: 6 June 2022 04:00 pm
Updated On: 23 June 2022 11:43 am

How to apply for Hayya card or Fan ID

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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How to apply for Haaya card

Have you purchased tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ yet? After buying tickets, application for a Hayya Card or Fan ID will be essential as it is a mandatory requirement to attend matches for local and international match attendees.

The Hayya Card will also act as an entry permit to Qatar for international visitors regardless of purpose and will be the only means to enter within the duration of 1 November 2022 till 1 January 2023. The regulation is applicable to GCC nationals and residents. The Hayya Card will also provide a number of benefits, including free public transport for ticket holders on match days. Match attendance would require the Hayya card along with your match ticket.

Services that the Hayya card will entitle you to:

  • Entry to Qatar (International fans) - will serve as a visa
  • Doha Metro
  • Public Buses
  • Tournament Buses
  • Trams
  • Smart journey planning via the "Hayya App"

Rejected/incorrect applications:

  • In the case of a rejected application, you have the facility of making two further applications by providing the application data again and other additional information communicated to you.
  • In the case of incorrect application data entered, you will have to await a response to your initial application prior to submitting another application with the correct data.
  • Your application may be amended via the Hayya portal. However, you cannot amend an application which is in progress.


  • Hayya Card is not required to purchase match tickets or to book accommodation.
  • The guideline given is subject to change as and when announced by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (the organising committee of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar).
  • The application process will need to be done ahead of time to ensure you are able to attend a match.
  • Previously used user accounts will not be transferrable and a new account will have to be created specifically for the World Cup 2022.

    Your step by step guide:

    how to get hayya card fan id
    Image Credit: Qatar 2022

    Step 1: If you're attempting to apply for the Hayya Card from the Qatar 2022 website, your access to the portal will be through the relevant section as shown below or else directly visit Hayya Qatar 2022 portal.

    Everything you need to know about the Hayya card
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      Step 2: Proceed to the application form by clicking on Apply For Hayya.

      How to get hayya card fan id
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      Step 3: Enter match ticket details to validate your ticket. Currently match tickets are mandatory to apply for the Hayya Card-further information regarding non-ticket holders is yet to be released.

      How to get hayya card fan id
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      Step 4: Depending on your ticket type fill in the information as shown in the screengrab above.If you have purchased a "Match Hospitality" package from FIFA, you would enter the unique order number pertaining to that.

      How to get hayya card fan id
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      Step 5: Enter application information (upload personal photo and passport, click applicant type)

      How to get hayya card fan id
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      Step 6: Enter Passport Number, Date of Birth and other details as shown in the screengrab above.

      How to get hayya card fan id
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      Step 7: You will then need to enter your contact details, finalize your details and submit your application.

      Post-application submission:

      • Once the application is processed you will receive an email regarding the status of your application confirmation - approved, pending, or rejected.
      • Local fans (residents) can expect a response email within an hour, while international fans can expect a status confirmation after up to 5 days.

      How to receive the Hayya Card?

      • Upon approval, the digital Hayya Card will be available via the Hayya App - Important for international fans.
      • Download the Hayya Card App: iOS | Android
      • Local fans can opt for the physical Hayya Card which can be collected at designated service centers. Please note that until September 2022 all Hayya cards will be digital and service centers are yet to be confirmed.

        Non-negotiable conditions:

        • Hayya Card may not be given, sold or transferred to any person or organization that is not authorized by the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy.
        • Complete adherence to requirements of the operator of relevant stadium at the time of accessing.
        • Failure to comply with requirements could deny you access to the stadium.

        Termination or Cancellation of Hayya Card/service:

        • Failure to comply with any terms and conditions could lead to termination or suspension of the Hayya card or services.

        Queries or concerns regarding the Hayya Card can be directed to:


        Source: Supreme Committee For Delivery & Legacy

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