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Posted On: 5 December 2010 02:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Unsafe sites major reason for eye injuries

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Unprotected construction sites are the reason for many eye injuries in Qatar, says Dr Osman Mohammed, Ophthalmology Surgeon at the Hamad Medical Cooperation (HMC). “Between 2007 and 2009 there has been a tremendous increase in Ocular Trauma. Each year there had been 350 major eye injury cases. Unsafe construction work is a major reason for Ocular Trauma,” said Dr Mohammed, on the sidelines of the 2nd Qatar Ophthalmology Conference hosted by the HMC. The three-day conference on Ocular Trauma held at the Sharq Village will also create public awareness on the measures and tools required to prevent eye injuries at construction sites, schools and at the work place “This conference is important to create a wider awareness among the medical society and to inform them on the epidemiology of ocular trauma in Qatar,” he said. The ophthalmology professionals will discuss about many issues related to eye injuries and treatment by many international and local medical professionals. They will preview the most updated medical and surgical treatment of eye injuries. The delegations yesterday discussed and shared their expertise and experience on treating chemical burns, posterior segment trauma — a disease of the eye, in which the iris adheres to the capsule of the crystalline lens. Paediatric Trauma was another topic discussed at the conference including clinical picture of paediatric ocular trauma in Qatar and open globe injuries in paediatric population in Qatar. Today’s sessions will highlight on trauma involving anterior and posterior segment, anterior segment trauma and orbital trauma which will be about different type eye injuries, prevention and treatment. The medical experts will also present case studies and panel discussions on the topics. The 2nd Qatar Ophthalmology Conference has also received around 400 attendees including participants and experts from the GCC and the Middle East, who will also share their expertise and experience on treating ocular trauma. The conference is being held as ocular trauma is regarded as a growing sight threatening complication and considered as one of the most common causes of visual disability among young and the middle-aged population in Qatar.