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Posted On: 16 November 2021 10:32 pm
Updated On: 16 November 2021 10:35 pm

Wishbox offers support, 'higher position' to assaulted delivery partner

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Wishbox offers support, 'higher position' to assaulted delivery partner

In a Twitter post on 16 November 2021, the online delivery platform Wishbox (wishboxqa) released a statement regarding the viral video where one of its delivery partners was seen assaulted by a young man.

The company thanked the Ministry of Interior for swift action in arresting the assailant and pledged to support the delivery man for legal measures, plus consideration for a higher position for him for staying calm and patient despite being attacked.

Wishbox said:

“The incident was a situation of traffic accident. We thank the Ministry of Interior for taking swift actions. Wishbox shall support delivery partner via respective channels for legal measures as long as the delivery partner was abiding by the laws and regulations of the State of Qatar.”
“We take this opportunity to sincerely thank and appreciate the delivery partner in the video for maintaining utmost calmness and for showing patience in handling the situation. Any adverse reaction by the partner would have set bad example for the community as well as Wishbox. The delivery partner will be considered for higher positions to spread morality and disciplines among other delivery partners.

Wishbox added:

“During COVID crisis, delivery partners played a crucial role supporting the community, serving for sick and people under Home Quarantines. At times, we react to late deliveries while the actual reason for the delayed delivery could be due to busy kitchen of the restaurant, traffic jam on peak hours, diversion due to road constructions, parking availability, etc...”

The company also thanked the netizens for extending support to its delivery partner.

Source: Wishbox Qatar