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Posted On: 20 November 2021 04:04 pm
Updated On: 25 November 2021 03:20 pm

[UPDATED] Education ministry probes 'teacher giving sedative pills to students

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[UPDATED} Education ministry probes 'teacher giving sedative pills to students

[UPDATE] 23 November 2021 02:45 pm

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, out of its responsibility to maintain the health and safety of all students, confirmed that it has taken all measures to investigate the incident of a private school teacher handing pills to four students. The administration of the concerned private school dismissed the teacher and terminated her services, in conformity with the regulations preventing any teacher from distributing medicines to students except for the school nurse and after referring to the parents.

The Ministry indicated that, following strict instructions to enforce all regulations to ensure the safety of students, the act of the teacher was individual, stressing that it would never tolerate such behaviour. The Ministry reassured parents and all stakeholders in education on the sound health and safety of the school environment.

MORE ON THIS NEWS: Private school has terminated teacher who gave sedative pills to students: Education Ministry

20 November 2021 04:04 pm

The Ministry of Education on its official Twitter account has said that it started the investigation into the complaint of a mother about a teacher in a private school giving pills to some students 'to relieve exam anxiety'.

Image credit: Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Well-known media personality and influencer Hassan Al Sai in a tweet said:

“We demand that an official investigation be opened to find out the circumstances of the matter. How are sedative pills distributed to female students and by what right? Is the teacher allowed to do this? How did you dare?? What if the health of a female student deteriorates? I hope the issue does not go unnoticed.. without accountability.”
Image credit: @Hassan_alsai

Hassan in another post said, "The school administration contacted me, thankfully, explaining what happened was a personal behaviour by the teacher, which is completely unacceptable. An investigation was conducted into the matter with the knowledge of the Ministry of Education, and the teacher’s services were terminated directly on the same day."

Hassan has earlier retweeted a post from @NawaryH saying: “In a private secondary school, a teacher distributed sedative pills to female students in the classroom to relieve exam anxiety!! We have reached the stage that our daughters, in the schools, are given pills and they are planting addictive ideas in them! Where is the control over them!”

Source: @Qatar_Edu, @Hassan_alsai, @NawaryH