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Posted On: 10 August 2018 05:17 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

Many extend helping hand for birds and animals in summer

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Cat Drinking Water

In what can be rightly dubbed as an act of compassion, residents of Qatar nowadays place cold water and other liquids like milk outside their residences or offices to quench the thirst of pigeons and cats.

Like human beings, birds and cats require extra intake of water during summer season. People showing affectionate sympathy towards birds, cats and dogs place water and pets food in shaded areas outside their homes.

Talking to The Peninsula, Eman, a Pakistani housewife said: “Doha experiences unbearable high temperature in summer season which also makes animals’ lives harder. In order to keep them hydrated, I place water in special clay bowls which keeps water cold for a longer period of time.”

“Intense temperatures dehydrate us within minutes despite living in air-conditioned atmosphere. It compelled me thinking about other living beings like birds and stray cats so I keep feed for animals along water which helps them eat and drink at the same time,” Eman added.

Like adults, children are also showing their affection towards thirsty birds and cats. Some children keep pets indoors and a few place food and milk on their doorstep for birds. Aayaan, a student of Grade 2, said: “I love birds and when they are chirping outside my door I feel satisfied that they are eating and drinking from what I have kept for them on my doorstep. During summer break, placing cold water for birds and milk for cats outside my home is part of my morning routine.”

Another expatriate said that it was her habit to put water and food for birds outside her house not only summers but winters also. “Being a medical doctor by profession, I have to follow a busy schedule but still I manage to ensure keeping sufficient supply of water and feed for birds and cats,” said Dr Zubaria.

“For us, it is easier to get a glass of cold water to quench our thirst, but it is not easy for animals and birds,” she said, adding that Islam had taught to us to be compassionate towards animals.

Like residents, many governmental and private organisations are also making arrangements during scorching summer season to provide birds and cats with cold water and feed. In May this year, Katara Cultural Village offered specially made wooden-boxes to the public free of cost, for providing drinking water to animals and birds. Katara had prepared more than 1,000 wooden boxes for this purpose.

Krishna Awasthi, an Indian expatriate said that he used to clean water bowls regularly and change water daily for birds. “Animals are forced to wander here and there for drinking water therefore all people should keep fresh water outside their houses and offices,” he suggested.

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Photo credit: iStock by Getty Images