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Posted On: 10 February 2021 11:12 pm
Updated On: 10 April 2021 08:40 pm

[UPDATED] Joint campaign aims to put stray dogs and cats in Ministry animal shelter

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MME's special team aims to put dogs in Ministry animal shelter

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Loose Cats and Dogs Control Unit of the Livestock Department launched a joint campaign under the motto, Rifq in cooperation with the Criminal Evidence and Information Department of the Ministry of Interior -Police Canine Section.

In the next phase, after the completion of works at the permanent animal shelter at Rawdat Al Faras, Rifq campaign would receive and address all stray dogs and cats related complaints all over the country according to the established mechanism and in line with the Animal Health requirements for dealing with stray animals. Health care will then be provided to stray cats and dogs, which will consequently be placed at the animal shelter, where animals would be checked for diseases before rehabilitation.

The site is currently under refurbishment to be ready to receive large numbers of reported street stray cats and dogs country-wide, where animals would be provided nutrition and health care and then rehabilitation.

A temporary shelter was set up in Al Mazrouah, along with a permanent shelter in Rawdat Al Faras for stray cats and dogs, in conformity with the sanitary requirements for animal welfare, with a view to limit the spread of these animals in the state. Moreover, a specialized company was commissioned to collect these stray animals and transport them to the special animal shelter.

Besides, MME studies and monitors animals environmental balance to make sure no environmental disruption will occur as a result of the increase or decrease of any animal species on account of other species in wildlife.

This is a great step taken by the government to ensure that stray and abandoned animals are looked after and protected. However, at present, it's unclear what will happen to these animals in the long run, but we're sure the government will make some arrangements to ensure their welfare is looked after.

Source: MME news


The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has mobilised a special team to deal with stray dogs. Their aim is to house stray dogs in an animal shelter belonging to the Ministry. The team was specially created to meet the needs and requirements of the animal welfare laws and conditions, through it providing medical care, nutrition, water and vaccinations for these dogs and rehabilitating them according to the Animal Welfare Act, as tweeted by the MME.

Source: MME
Cover image credit: MME