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Posted On: 12 October 2021 05:30 pm
Updated On: 12 October 2021 05:33 pm

Registration for 2021-2022 winter camping in Qatar to begin on 17 October 2021: MME

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Registration for the winter camping season 2021-2022 will commence on Sunday, 17 October 2021 in compliance with all camping conditions and security and safety instructions.

Registration schedule, permit fees and pre-booking for the winter camping season 2021-2022

For more information on the registration schedule, permit fees and pre-booking, please visit:

Note: Please read the registration instructions and conditions given below carefully before starting the registration process.

Winter camping conditions

The licensee must comply with the camping conditions mentioned in the following link:

    Important security and safety instructions

    The following must be adhered to:

    • The lighting inside the camp must be energy savers, not tubelights.
    • The use of fiery parachutes (flaming balloon) in the camp is strictly prohibited.
    • The kitchen is isolated from other tents and the gas stove is isolated from the edges of the tent with an insulating material such as gypsum, and it should be taken into account that the owner of the object has sewage drainage tanks.
    • All electricity connections are in buried and installed plastic pipes that meet security and safety standards.
    • Provide a fire extinguisher size (4kg) dry powder in the camp, provide a fire blanket and distribute it at the right places.
    • The fire is carried out away from the sites of tents and in the peaks from the wind and not to exaggerate it as it prevents the burning of fires without wood and coal.
    • It is forbidden to set fire and barbecue directly on the beach floor and barbecue platforms and tools must be used, and barbecue residues are collected and disposed of on the designated site.
    • Extinguish the fire and the ember before bed and before leaving the camp. the tents used in the camp are made of fire, heat and salinity resistant materials and are equipped with the necessary security and safety means.

    COVID-19 health requirements

    The licensee must comply with the following:

    • Obliging all individuals who go to the camp to download a precautionary application and not allow anyone without the application to be in the camp until the problem of the application is resolved if any.
    • Not renting the private camp to other individuals and limiting it to personal use.
    • Do not allow any injured person, direct contact, person with symptoms or who is waiting for the result of a swab to visit the camp until this is approved in accordance with the procedures of the competent health authorities.
    • Take suspected cases and have symptoms from camp goers to health care centers for that group in case of symptoms without delay.
    • Do not allow the use of a special camp to quarantine or isolate infected, contact or suspected cases.
    • Following guidelines and policies on prevention and non-proliferation of covid, including ensuring social spacing, wearing muzzles, the size of the assembly determined by area and the nature of the place, and in line with the stages of gradual lifting of restrictions.
    • Recognize that the ministry of municipality and environment has the right to conduct inspections to verify my compliance with the above-mentioned precautions.

    Source: MME
    Cover image credit: Shutterstock