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Posted On: 3 August 2016 08:30 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

New fully indoor theme park opens soon

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‘Kaboom’, a new concept in fully indoor theme park will be opened soon by Al Siddiqi Entertainment. It combines an FedC (Family Edutainment Centre), FexC (Family Exertainment Centre) with a typical FEC (Family Entertainment Centre).

They will feature activity rooms to encourage imaginative play, social and pretend play opportunities, skill development and other open-ended play opportunities.

An area will be assigned to educate young minds and increase public understanding and appreciation of science, Nano technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive tailored programmes.

Children will learn to manipulate, observe, analyse, exchange and experience through activities such as how to recycle; sewing school for girls, perfume mix, build your own toy, gardening, chocolate factory, water wonders, melt & mold, and body work, among others.

Exertainment is a key area where children engage in physical exercise such as peddling on bicycles, jumping on trampoline, canoeing down a virtual river and others, in amazing environments, where gaming and fitness products merge to create fun and exciting exercise.

We aim to provide children with hands-on experience in selected scientific topics, in particular robotics & renewable energy sciences.

Our interest in the Arabic language will be a key factor for the success of our idea and its proximity to the public. It will distinguish us from the rest as we will provide interactive activities in Arabic and English.

The concept is designed to take chilren from the ‘Educate & Reward’ world to the ‘Fun & Play’ world. Children will also be able to spend points collected in the ‘Collect’ zone in the ‘Play’ zone and free rides.

Edutainment, themed FEC and arcades are blended and merged together in new facility that defy categories and labels.

Is it an edutainment, themed experience, amusements, thrill rides, high-tech games or adventure, we leave it to the imagination of our children to decide.


Image: AlSiddiqi Entertainment website