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Posted On: 24 January 2019 04:52 pm
Updated On: 13 February 2023 05:17 pm

What is Years of Culture in Qatar?

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
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What is year of culture in qatar

Qatar has become a melting pot of cultures that have consistently nurtured and promoted diversity in the community.

Great importance has been given to the understanding and appreciation of nations between the people of Qatar and worldwide, especially since the Years of Culture initiative was introduced by Qatar Museums in 2012.

What is 'Years of Culture'?

Years of Culture logo
Image credit: Years of Culture

Qatar Museums developed the annual 'Years of Culture' initiative, a cultural exchange program to encourage dialogue and cultivate experiences through art, sports, businesses, health initiatives, education, events, and more.

Each year celebrates Qatar's relations with a specific nation where collaborative initiatives and activities are held in both countries as people exchange cultural experiences. These activities develop deeper understandings between the different cultures and have been a widely valuable initiative for international growth.

Qatar – Indonesia 2023

Qatar - Indonesia 2023
Image credit: Years of Culture

For its 2023 edition, Years of Culture will celebrate Indonesia's vibrant nation and culture. The lineup of events and activations is yet to be announced and confirmed.

Qatar - MENASA 2022

Qatar - Menasa 2022
Image credit: Years of Culture

For its 10th edition, Qatar partnered with an entire region: MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia). As the year also coincides with Qatar's hosting of the World Cup, the events hosted were truly a celebration of diversity and culture as thousands worldwide travelled to Qatar to experience the tournament and the festivities.

Events in Qatar:

  • Doha Film Experience - MENASA Showcase at Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Auditorium
  • Doha Film Experience - Palestine Exhibit (Labour of Love) at MIA or Katara Hills (Cinema Under the Stars)
  • Doha Film Experience - Baghdad: Eyes Delight at Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Auditorium
  • Doha Film Experience - Made in Qatar Showcase at M7 Sky Theatre
  • 10th Anniversary Ceremony and Desert Rose Premiere at the National Museum of Qatar
  • The Children's Art Exhibition, Reesha: We Welcome the World to Qatar 2022™ at Qatar National Library, Education City
  • JEDARIART Truck Art at Wholesale area on Woqod Walls, Doha
  • Community Days Festival at Flag Plaza
  • "A World Cup Like No Other" Lecture Series at 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum
  • Ajyal Film Festival 2022 Special Edition

Qatar – France 2020

Qatar-France 2020
Image credit: Years of Culture

In 2020, Qatar and France hosted a variety of activations and experiences that focused on art, fashion, literature, food, and more. As this happened during the pandemic, a few events were hosted online.

Events in Qatar:

  • Doha International Book Fair at Doha Exhibition & Convention Center
  • Picasso's Studios at Fire Station, Garage Gallery

Events in France:

  • Aubusson Tapestry at Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie Aubusson
  • Maison & Objets at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
  • Fashion Trust Arabia at the Embassy of Qatar in Paris
  • Our World is Burning Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
  • European Heritage Days at Qatar Embassy in France
  • Nuit Blanche at Between Le Petit Palais and Place de la Concorde, Paris

Online events:

  • E-Sport Tournament featuring Ahmed Al-Meghessib and Arsène Froon
  • Food Sharing with Guillaume Sanchez

Qatar – USA 2021

Qatar - USA 2021
Image credit: Years of Culture

In 2021, a diverse program of exhibitions, festivals, and events was held to commemorate Qatar's relations with the United States of America.

Events in Qatar:

  • Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture Opening Concert at Katara Opera House
  • Seagrass Tales, Dugong Trails at National Museum of Qatar

Events in USA:

  • JEDARIART: Miami
  • JEDARIART: San Francisco
  • JEDARIART: Houston
  • JEDARIART: Portland
  • JEDARIART: Jersey City
  • Desert Drive-In Cultural Exchange at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, Los Angeles
  • New York City Food Festival
  • Pearls of Wonder: A Digital Era at Lavan541, New York

Qatar – India 2019

Qatar-India 2019
Image credit: Years of Culture

The 8th edition of the Years of Culture celebrates India, one of Qatar's largest communities. The people of both countries enjoyed enriching events and activations.

The event in both Qatar & India:

  • Where Cultures Meet - A Photographic Encounter Between Qatar And India

Events in Qatar:

  • Tradition, Craft and Sustainability - A Path To Timeless Beauty at Museum of Islamic Art
  • RAQS Media Collective Exhibition at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
  • Ticket To Bollywood - An Indian Bioscope at Katara Opera House
  • Indoor Cricket League at Lusail Sports Arena
  • International Yoga Day at the National Museum of Qatar
  • Set in Stone - Gems and Jewels from Royal Indian Courts at the Museum of Islamic Art

Events in India:

  • The Monsoon Wedding at Black Box Theatre at Okhla, New Delhi, India
  • Faraj Daham - What about art? Artist Residency in Mumbai

Qatar – Russia 2018

Qatar-Russia 2018
Image credit: Years of Culture

Once again, Qatar celebrates its relations with another World Cup host: Russia. The two nations organized various cultural activations that honoured their shared values.

Events in Qatar:

  • Qatar - Russia 2018 Grand Opening at Katara Opera House

Events in Russia:

  • Running Hearts Green Marathon in Moscow
  • Friendly Charity Football Match in Red Square, Moscow
  • Pearls - Treasures From The Seas and The Rivers Exhibition in State Historical Museum, Moscow
  • Gastronomic Pop-Up Project in Moscow
  • ReContextualising Architecture and Urbanism in Moscow
  • Qatari Authors and Publishers event in Moscow
  • Qatari Programme at The International Festival of Muslim Cinema in Kazan, Russia
  • Qatari Fashion and Jewellery Art at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
  • VII International Cultural Forum in St Petersburg

Qatar – Germany 2017

Qatar Germany 2017
Image credit: Years of Culture

In its 2017 edition, Qatar and Germany united to deliver various events and activities celebrating the two countries' vibrant cultures.

Events in Qatar:

  • Qatar - Germany 2017 Opening Concert at Katara Opera House
  • German Film Week at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • How Women Drive Innovation Across Culture at Four Seasons Hotel Doha
  • Qatar International Food Festival at Sheraton Hotel Park
  • Siemens Projects at Qatar Science & Technology Park
  • Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition at Doha Exhibition & Convention Centre
  • German Encounters - Contemporary Masterworks from the Deutsche Bank Collection at Garage Gallery, Fire Station, Doha
  • Driven by German Design at Al Riwaq Gallery
  • Football Meets Culture
  • The German Pavilion at Doha International Book Fair

Qatar – China 2016

Qatar - China 2016
Image credit: Years of Culture

For the fifth edition of Years of Culture, Qatar celebrates its friendly relations with China. The year featured collaborative events between two nations as each shared valuable cultural experience.

Events in Qatar:

  • Qatar - China 2016 Opening Ceremony at Drama Theatre, Katara
  • What About the Art: Contemporary Art from China at Al Riwaq Gallery
  • Silks From The Silk Road - Chinese Art of Silk at QM Gallery, Katara
  • Treasures of China exhibit at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • The Chinese Festival at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Cultures from Different Angles Katara Cultural Village
  • Contemporary Chinese Painting and Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition at Shangri-La Hotel Doha

Events in China:

  • Great Wall Marathon in Beijing, China
  • Pearls: Treasures from the Seas and the Rivers exhibit at National Museum of China, Beijing

Qatar – Türkiye 2015

Qatar - Türkiye 2015
Image credit: Years of Culture

Qatar and Türkiye have had strong relations over the years, and this was widely celebrated in 2015 with various meaningful cultural exchanges. Qatar is also home to a large Turkish community.

In commemoration of this initiative, one of the streets in Istanbul was named "Qatar" Street.

Events in Qatar:

  • Turkish Gala at Katara Opera House
  • Batta Exhibition at W Hotel Doha
  • Artistic Journeys: New Angles; New Perspectives at Katara Cultural Village
  • Harem Al Sultan Exhibition at QM Gallery, Katara
  • The Hunt exhibit at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Turkish Bazaar at Museum of Islamic Art Park
  • Yunus Emre Cultural Centre officially opens in Doha

Events in Türkiye

  • Sheikh Khalid Al Thani - Language Without Words Exhibition at Darphane-i Amire in Istanbul's Archeology Museum
  • Pearls, Jewels from the Sea Exhibition at Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Istanbul
  • Qatar Street in Istanbul inaugurated in Istanbul

Qatar – Brazil 2014

Qatar-Brazil 2014
Image credit: Years of Culture

For the third edition of the annual event, Qatar and Brazil collaborated to share their vibrant cultures and traditions and celebrate football, as this was the year that Brazil hosted the World Cup.

Events in Qatar:

  • Football Without Boundaries Exhibition at Katara Art Centre
  • Doha-Brasilia Sister Cities Signature Ceremony at Museum of Islamic Art
  • Qatar Brazil Photography Expedition & Exhibition at Katara Cultural Village
  • Qatar International Food Festival: Brazil Zone at Museum of Islamic Art Park
  • Create & Inspire Expedition at the Museum of Islamic Art Park
  • Brazil Festival at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • 'Here and There' Contemporary Art Exhibition at Al Riwaq Gallery

Events in Brazil:

  • Pan-Amazon Book Fair at Belém
  • Pearls Exhibition at Museu de Arte Brasileira-Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (MAB-FAAP), São Paulo
  • 1001 Inventions: Science from Muslim Civilisations at Sao Paulo

Qatar – UK 2013

Qatar - UK 2013
Image credit: Years of Culture

In 2013, Qatar and the United Kingdom celebrated a year of shared cultural experiences in arts, festivals, education, fashion, and more. The events held during this year put light on women, children with disabilities, and Middle Eastern history.

Events held both in Qatar and UK:

  • Film Making, Screening and Festivals
  • Qatar - UK 2013 Fashion Exchange

Events in Qatar:

  • Arts and Disability Festival at Katara Cultural Village
  • Hey'Ya: Arab Women in Sport at QM Gallery, Katara
  • Hajj: The Journey Through Art at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Damien Hirst: Relics at Al Riwaq Gallery
  • The Old Doha Prize at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • British Festival in Doha

Events in the UK:

  • Etifhal Festival at Serpentine Gallery, London
  • Promoting the Arabic Language in UK Schools
  • Create and Inspire Competition Winners Exhibition in Edge of Arabia Gallery, London

Qatar - Japan 2012

Qatar - Japan 2012
Image credit: Years of Culture

The first edition of the Years of Culture celebrated Japan and Qatar's longstanding relations with the nation. Qatar and Japan started their diplomatic relations in 1972, which marks 2012 as the 40th anniversary.

To commemorate this, numerous cultural events and experiences were held in both Qatar and Japan.

Events in Qatar:

  • Ego by Takashi Murakami exhibit at Al Riwaq Gallery
  • Wadiko Drum Performance at Katara Cultural Village
  • Lecture on Kimono Traditional Dance at the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Qatari Culture Manga Style online competition

Events in Japan:

  • Pearls: Jewels from the Sea Exhibition at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Ferjaan in Tokyo at Roppongi Hills

Source: Years of Culture

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