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Posted On: 22 January 2023 06:00 pm
Updated On: 23 March 2023 10:26 pm

What to see and do at Torba Farmers Market [2023]

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Torba farmers market guide cover

Looking for places to spend your Saturdays?

Torba Farmers Market is a communal space where visitors can enjoy fresh produce, food, local products, and a host of activities & workshops. The event promotes a sustainable zero-waste lifestyle and is pet friendly too!

The (ILQ) team visited Torba Farmers Market and put together a guide on what to see and do for your visit!

Community plant and seed swap

Torba Farmer's Market - Plant and seed swap area
Bring a plant, and receive new seeds to add to your garden.

Are you a plant lover? Want to diversify your collection? Members of the community are invited to bring plants or a cutting (for propagation) and swap them with new seeds!


  • Make sure to write down the name of the plant you are giving away. Paper is available on the stand.
  • Place your plant/cutting on the community table.
  • Choose from a selection of seeds available.
  • Make sure your plant/cutting is disease and pest free!

Buy home plants & tree saplings

Torba Farmer's Market - plant market
Which of these do you want to take home?

Choose from a wide variety of plants and tree saplings to buy & take home to your garden!

Some are even fruit and flower-bearing! There are outdoor and indoor plants available for every kind of plant lover.

Shop for flowers

Torba Farmer's Market
Look at these beautiful blooms!

Whether you're buying for yourself, as a gift, or to add a pop of colour to your home, a beautiful selection of locally grown flowers is available!

Purchase fresh produce from local farms

Torba Farmer's Market - farm produce
Fresh farm produce, grown right here in Qatar.

Local farms have set up shop at Torba Farmers Market to offer their fresh organic produce to visitors.

Below are the farms you'll find there:

  • Al Waha Farm
  • Heenat Salma Farm
  • Safwa Farm
  • Al Shamal Farm

Go thrift shopping

Torba Farmer's Market - Thrift Shopping
There are a lot of great finds here!

Purchasing pre-loved items is a sustainable and ethical way to shop!

At Torba Farmer's Market, you'll find a stall selling pre-loved items such as clothes, accessories, homeware, and more! There's no telling what great finds you'll discover here.

Enjoy a variety of food & beverages from local vendors

Torba Farmer's Market - Food and beverages
There are some seriously good foodie finds here.

Looking for a snack, drinks, or maybe some coffee during your stroll at Torba Farmer's Market?

You'll find food and beverage options throughout the vast area. Aside from the Torba Kitchen and Torba Cafe, local vendors have put up their stalls to offer their delicious menus to Torba Market-goers.

Note: Their lineup of food and beverage vendors changes every Saturday and is announced via Torba Farmers Market's Instagram (@farmersmarketqa).

    Buy from local shops & small businesses

    Torba Farmer's Market vendors
    Go through different stalls and check out items from various small businesses!

    Find everything from artisan candles, handmade ceramics, accessories, skincare, and clothes to crystals! Torba Farmers Market has been an amazing platform for local small businesses in Qatar to reach the community. There are so many great finds!

    Note: Their lineup of vendors changes every Saturday and is announced via Torba Farmers Market's Instagram (@farmersmarketqa).

    Support young entrepreneurs at the Torba Juniors area

    Torba Farmer's Market - Torba Juniors
    Discover talented kids and their amazing products!

    There is a small area dedicated to budding entrepreneurs!

    Visit their little stalls and check out their handmade crafts, baked goods, artwork, and more!

    Mug Library

    Torba Farmer's Market - mug library
    You can donate mugs here too!

    To promote zero-waste, Torba Farmers Market has a Mug Library where market-goers can pick up a mug and use it for drinks they buy from the vendors. Once used, there's a wash station that will clean and sanitize the mugs for the next person to use. Amazing, right?

    The Mug Library also accepts donations, so if you have old or spare mugs at home, be sure to bring them!

    Dog Lounge

    Torba Farmer's Market - Dog Lounge
    Your fur babies are welcome to rest at the Dog Lounge!

    Torba Farmer's Market is a dog-friendly place! A dedicated space has been put up in an area called the Dog Lounge where your furry friends can rest, drink, eat, and play with some toys!

    Kids' playground

    Torba Farmer's Market - Kids' playground
    Your little ones will surely enjoy it!

    Kids can head to the shaded playground and enjoy a slide, swings, and other fun activities!

    Join workshops & activities

    Torba Farmer's Market - Workshops
    Check out fun activities for all ages.

    Various workshops and activities are set up by Torba Farmers Market every week, from art and cooking to gardening. There are events fit for all age groups to enjoy!

    Note: Workshops and activities are announced via Torba Farmers Market's Instagram (@farmersmarketqa).

    Try the carnival games

    Torba Farmer's Market - carnival games
    Try your luck and win prizes!

    Head to the carnival games area and put your skills to the test! You never know; you could win cute plushies to take home!


    • Location: Next to Oxygen Park & Multaqa, Education City
    • Timings: Every Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm
    • Ramadan Timings: 7 pm - 2 am: 25 March, 1 April, 8 April, 15 April
    • Entrance: It's free!
    • Instagram: @farmersmarketqa
    • Contact: +974 3100 8110
    • Email: [email protected]

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    Have you been to Torba Farmers Market before? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!