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Posted On: 13 January 2021 03:00 pm
Updated On: 15 March 2021 11:44 am

6 things to check out at Al Abraj Park

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Parks offer one respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Do you love going to parks and spending time with your family in Qatar? Then you are sure to love this park that is located in the middle of a concrete jungle. We are talking about Al Abraj Park which is located at West Bay, Doha.

This small park instantly captures your attention with its curvy details. Surrounded by tall towers, Al Abraj Park is 5,800 square meters and consists of 130 different types of trees. Located on Majlis Al Taawon Street, this park is covered with about 240 square meters of bushes and about 3,500 square meters of grass (Source: Ashghal). Here are the top 6 things to check out at Al Abraj Park.

The expansive central space

Al Abraj Park
Central green space at the park.

    The central space of the park is covered with lush green grass and is surrounded by imposing tall buildings. The grass provides visitors and families with the perfect carpet to play catch, sit down and enjoy the breezy evenings. What do you plan on doing?

    Walkway and running track

    Al Abraj Park
    Walking track at the park.

      Have fun walking on the winding and decked up walkway located on either side of the park. A small running track surrounds its circumference and this is a great spot for runners and evening joggers to add some miles to their every day running.

      Live wall selfie spot

      Al Abraj Park
      Click away against the live green wall!

        Are you a fan of selfies? Be one with nature and take a selfie at the huge live wall filled with greenery at Al Abraj Park. This also forms a great backdrop for some cute family moments too!

        Shaded seating and curved seating areas

        Al Abraj Park
        Various types of seating at the park.
        Al Abraj Park
        Striking squiggly seating. How fun?

          The park has different types of seating strewn across it. Choose between the shaded seating or the semi-circular open ones while enjoying a drink or snack. You can also sit on the red squiggly seating, located at the corner of the park, which is one of the main attractions there too. How cool right?

          Murals at the park

          Murals by artists as part of the JEDARIART initiative.

            Get to see eye-catchy murals by artists from Qatar which were done as part of the JEDARIART initiative by Qatar Museums in partnership with different organizations and institutions. The aim of this initiative is to bring the city walls to life with the unique works of different artists in the country. You can find murals such as a woman wearing a batoola, holding an incense burner by Mubarak Al-Malik and also another one by Abdulla Alemadi here.

            Make use of the exercise area

            Al Abraj Park
            Time to smash those goals!

              Al Abraj Park has a small exercise station with basic equipment that can help you burn some calories while you’re at the park. Are you ready to tick off your heath goals for the year?

              Are pets allowed in this park?

              We have reached out to MME asking if the park is pet friendly. We will update this space once we receive this information.

              Details of the park:

              • Entrance: Free
              • Nearest metro station: West Bay Metro Station
              • Parking space: Limited
              • Location: Al Abraj Park

              Check out our video of the park below!

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              Have you been to Al Abraj Park before? If not, when do you plan on going? Let us know in the comments below. Do share this article – it keeps us going!