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Posted On: 27 May 2019 03:12 pm
Updated On: 30 March 2022 04:38 pm

Ways to donate in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Charity and donations are something the world can never have enough of; given all the needs out there.

We understand that sometimes we get a little lost and unaware of who we can help and how we can help. The (ILQ) team has put together a list of ways in which you can give back to the community with ease and credibility in Qatar.

Note: All mentioned charitable sources are accessible all year round.

Qatar Charity

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: Qatar Charity

One of Qatar’s most trusted means of charity; be it large projects or small-scale donations is Qatar Charity. They make giving back accessible for all. You could choose to donate online through their website which lists down all the different causes supported, you can purchase a coupon at any of their charity desks located in supermarkets and malls or even drop in a couple of riyals in their donation boxes.

If you are looking for a Ramadan-centric cause you can make a quick donation for a Ramadan basket or breakfast meal through their “Ramadan of Hope” campaign via their website's quick donations section.


Qatar Red Crescent Society

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: Qatar Red Crescent

Qatar Red Crescent Society is another one of Qatar’s most credible sources of donations. Their website provides you with multiple causes and payment means; be it bank transfer or online payment.

They have also partnered with many delivery platforms to ease the donation process with apps such as talabat, Carriage and Snoonu. You just need to search the Qatar Red Crescent name on the platform and you will be able to process your payment. They also offer the option of coupons sold at most supermarkets, particularly Al Meera.


Education Above All

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: Education Above All

If you are keen to support an education-oriented cause this Ramadan; you can choose from any of the projects that are a part of their Ramadan campaign.

You could opt to fund the education of students in Qatar as part of their "Together" project or even students in other parts of the world as part of their “Educate A Child” project. Funding a single student for primary education can start for as low as QR 600. All their campaign details can be found online.


Sheikh Eid Charity

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: Sheikh Eid Charity

You can give back this Ramadan by feeding a fasting person through the organization's dedicated campaign. Any amount can be paid to the collaborating restaurant, the restaurant then distributes the meals for Iftar based on the amount given. An individual meal starts at the price of QR 12.


Lulu Hypermarket

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket annually brings to you various campaigns in Ramadan that reaffirm the spirit of giving. This year they have collaborated with Qatar Charity to make donating as simple as just purchasing your grocery.

With a percentage allocated to over 1,000 listed products, the purchase of those items directly pull-out a certain share that goes to charity. Furthermore, upon check out, you can ask the cashier for a Qatar Charity or Education Above All barcode wherein you can pay for the donation.


Al Meera

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: Al Meera

If you are looking to donate food and provide Ramadan essentials to any needy households; Al Meera has made it easy by pulling together a “Ramadan Box”. The box compiles items such as oats, dates, tomato paste, flour, rice and many more at the price of QR 99.

The box can be ordered online or bought at any of the Al Meera stores and delivered to your preferred address.


Tayf Boxes

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Image Credit: FB (When, where & how)

Got excess clothes that you think can be shared with those in need? Drop them at the Tayf boxes located in various parts of the city which make doing your bit rather easy. Pack up your clothes (in good condition) and drop them into the box. You aren’t limited to just clothes; toys, books and other essentials can be put in too which will then be picked up by Qatar Charity and distributed to communities around the world that need them.

The full list of container locations can be found HERE!

Donation Fridges

Ways to donate or do charity in Doha
Fridge placed on Muntazah Street

Doing your bit can get easier with this fridge that's placed outdoors in Al Hilal. This fridge is open to the public to donate food and beverages. Those in need can pick up as per their need and choice.

This fridge can be found HERE! Let us know if you have spotted any others around Doha.


Did this list make it easy for you to do your bit? Which of these would you be contributing to? Do let us know in the comments below. Do share this article - it keeps us going!